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How Dangerous Are Termites In Tennessee?

Why do Tennessee homeowners need termite control?

termite damage in a tennessee home

There are two main factors that allow termites in Tennessee to thrive, and those two factors are warmth and moisture. Here in Middle Tennessee, subterranean termites are able to find both of these things in abundance and therefore, remain active all year long. That makes termites dangerous when they invade our homes.

Termite damage doesn't happen all at once. It happens over time. And being able to feed on a home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year allows termites in Tennessee to cause extensive damage. But that isn't the only reason they're able to do all that damage. Another important factor to consider is they can feed on our homes right under our noses, usually without us even realizing it.

Subterranean termites are incredibly sneaky pests. They tunnel underneath the ground to find food sources, instead of above ground where we can see them. When they find a wood source to feed on, they tunnel up into it and consume it a little bit at a time from the inside out. So, when they come into your yard to feed on a stump, a fence, a shed, or some other wooden on your property, you're not going to notice it.

So how do you deal with sneaky insects that have the potential to destroy the wood of your Tennessee home from the inside out? You need termite protection that makes detecting these wood-destroying insects easy! That's one of many reasons the experts here at All-American Pest Control love the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. When termites enter the yards of our customers, our service team members will know about it. In fact, they can easily show home and business owners dead worker and soldier termites right inside the bait cartridge that was attacked. That isn't possible with other termite controlsolutions, like liquid barrier treatments. With those other treatment options, you won't know when or if the money you've spent on termite control is even working to protect your home from termites. This could cause you to give up on this essential protection. But that is not the case with Sentricon® with Always Active™. With this elimination method installed on your property, you’ll be able to see it working. When termites feed on the bait stations, you'll know it, and you'll be glad you made the investment!

Another problem that arises with termites is that they can sometimes travel quite a distance underground to find a food source. So not only will you not see them when they come to feed on your home, but if your neighbor has a termite problem on their property, those termites can come from your neighbor's yard right into yours. How do you fight that? When you have the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ installed around your home, it doesn't just kill the worker termites that come to feed on your home, but it also uses those workers against their own colony that sent them—and that colony could be located a house or two away from your home.

Worker termites are the only termites in a colony that feed directly on the wood of your home. Soldiers and swarmers don't do it, and the queens of the colonies definitely don't, those termites have other roles to play. Therefore, workers are the caste of termite within a termite colony that will actually damage your home. Their job is to find a food source, feed on it, and then share it with other termites through a process call trophallaxis. When they feed on the bait in the Sentricon® with Always Active™ bait stations, they share the active ingredient with the other termites in the colony. Then, one by one, each termite in the colony will acquire this agent, and, one by one, the termites in the colony will begin to die. This will eventually result in the complete termination of the entire colony, including the queens, along with the threat that those termites pose to your home. So you’ll never have to worry about the termites in your neighbor’s yard.

The best part about Sentricon® with Always Active™ is that the active ingredient in the bait stations doesn't poison the termites. It prevents them from molting. And when termites can't molt, they will die off. That means Sentricon® with Always Active™ is eco-friendly and poses no threat to you or your pets. In fact, this method of termite elimination is so eco-friendly that it is the only termite control product that has been given the EPA's Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. That’s saying something!

Termites pose a significant threat to the equity of your Tennessee home. Don't wait until the damage has already been done. Instead, invest in the solution that will protect your home and remind you over and over that your investment was worth every penny! Check out All-American Pest Control and find out if you're located in our Middle Tennessee service area. And if you are, reach out to us today for protection! We are a Certified Sentricon® Specialist in Tennessee termite control and a trusted leader in the Tennessee pest control industry. When you partner with us, we'll make sure you have the protection you need to keep subterranean termites from making a meal out of your home!

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