the all-american pest control team of nashville and middle tn

Enjoy more time at home with a 4-Day Work Week! Currently hiring for full-time and seasonal part-time positions!

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As a third generation, family-owned business, All-American Pest Control has a family-first attitude when it comes to employees and customers. This focus on team experience and culture drives the success & growth for All-American Pest Control. We continue to attract the best talent by passionately fostering an environment that allows all contributing team members to experience meaningful work and have time for meaningful relationships through teamwork, flexible systems, servant leadership, and professional as well as personal development. Our foundational achievements include our efficient and reliable recruiting and on-boarding process, how we train the best leaders through our emerging leader’s leadership development program, and how we live out our Make Someone’s Day customer service empowerment program. The keystone of our success is how we keep our customers at the heart of our focus while we honor a 4 Day Work Week for our team.

What's In It For You?

  • A great team to work with every day

  • 4 Day Work Week

  • Starting Pay is $40,000 Per year

  • Training in leadership development, technical skills, and customer service

  • Regular and predictable hours year round

  • Health Insurance

  • We match up to 3% of your retirement plan savings

  • Paid and unpaid personal time off + Paid Holidays

  • Paid time off on your birthday

  • Paid Short term and long term disability insurance

  • Identity theft insurance & Supplemental Insurance Options

What Are Our Employees Saying?

marshall tucker profile image

Marshall Tucker

What I love most about working at All-American Pest is the family atmosphere and welcoming environment from day one. Everybody is very eager to help when you need something or have questions. It is always awkward starting a new job especially without pest control experience-  but the team here is great at explaining everything so you feel comfortable and confident. One of the other aspects I love about AAPC is their eagerness to recognize exceptional work and award you and encourage you to continue doing great work for our customers. It is just a great environment that creates awesome teamwork. 

Please review our job descriptions for more detailed information about available positions. Current job postings:

Full-Time Pest Control Service Team Member

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Seasonal Part-Time or Full-Time Service Team Member

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Residential Sales & Service Team Member

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get health insurance or other benefits?

Yes, at All-American we offer health insurance and pay a percentage of the premium. You get a retirement plan and we will match up to 3% of your investments. You also get paid time off on your birthday; 100% paid short-term and long-term disability insurance; and access to group plans for dental, vision and ID-theft insurance.

What will my hours & pay be?

All positions start out at a minimum of $40,000 per year. If you are on a 4-day work week, your hours are 7 am – 5 pm with a 30-minute lunch.

Do I get 4-day work week?

Service & sales team members are on a 4-day work week. As a new service team member, you will move to a 4-day work week within 30 days. Customer Care Team members are still on a 5-day work week. Customer Care will move to a 4-day work week at the end of 2019.

How does the 4-day work week work?

Everyone works on Thursdays because this is our company meeting & training day. Each team member is assigned a regular weekday off. 1/4 of our team is off Mondays, 1/4 off Tuesdays, 1/4 off Wednesdays and 1/4 off Fridays. You will be on-call one day per month. If we don’t call you in by 8 am – you are free to go about your day and will not be called in. All team members work one Saturday per month so that we have 1/4 of our team available for customer appointments on Saturdays. You get 2-3 weeks of vacation/paid time off and there is an opportunity to swap your regular days off with enough notice.

Do your employees like their jobs?

Our employees tell us that they love the teamwork, their co-workers and the family-first atmosphere. They say they like working outdoors, meeting and helping customers and the 4-day work week. Our company has big goals, and we are in high-growth mode. We are looking for people who love helping people and who love to learn and grow! You will have a great team and mentor to teach you the ins and outs of the position and company.

Is pest control experience required?

Pest control experience is not required. To get an interview- we are looking for past job stability, customer service experience, work experience in any industry and geographically proximity to new routes we are adding. If you don’t have these qualifications, please tell us when submitting your resume why we should consider you for an interview.