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Our All-American 5-Star Business Care program is designed with 3 simple promises in mind –

We get results! We drive the results through proven systems designed around hiring the best team, never cutting corners, follow-up calls, and pro-active service visits.

Excellence Behind the Scenes! While all pest companies boast that they can get rid of your pests, we understand that it's just as important to show up on time, do what we say we are going to do and bill accurately.

Expert Customization! We will work with you to customize our 5 Star Business Care Program to fit the needs of your business and budget! As your business grows and changes, we are here to grow and change with you.


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Backed by nearly 60 years of pest control experience, our goal is to help you protect your people, profits and reputation in the marketplace with smart, sensible, reliable pest control services.

That is why we offer a free business evaluation. This consists of a thorough look from a trained professional under, in and around your business. We’ll make expert recommendations and customize a program that fits your growing businesses needs and budget.

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Our customers tell us we save them time, money and headaches

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  • We get rid of their pest problems quickly

  • We are reliable and show up on time

  • We bill accurately and offer a variety of fast and easy payment options

  • We save our customers’ time and money by customizing programs that fit their facility usage and vulnerabilities

  • We save customers from headaches because we answer the phone, make decisions and are accountable for our actions

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Why work with All-American


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We get results! We drive the results through proven systems designed around hiring the best team, never cutting corners, follow-up calls, pro-active service visits, and results facilitator check-ins.

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Excellence behind the scenes! While all pest companies boast that they can get rid of your pests, we understand that it's just as important to show up on time, do what we say we are going to do, and bill accurately.

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We will work with you to customize our 5 star commercial pest control program to fit the needs of your business and budget! You get to pick the combination of options that work best for you!

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Our trained technicians provide top-quality services and answers to any questions you may have. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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Does my business need interior or exterior pest control services?

For many businesses, we can focus on the outside of the business to stop pests before they ever become a program inside; however, due to the nature of some businesses, their location and pest issues, interior services on a regular schedule will get the best results. We help a business develop pest control strategies to minimize disruptions to their business while achieving great results. With all 5-Star Business Care pest programs, if a pest problem comes up in between services, all you have to do is call. We will come back out in between trips for no additional charge.

What pests will I likely face with commercial kitchens?

The most common pest issues facing commercial kitchens are roaches, food infesting pests (pantry pests), flies and mice. We have the knowledge and know-how to treat all appropriate areas in the kitchen, food storage, beverage center, dishwashing areas, and food prep areas. We partner with you and can make recommendations for food storage, cleaning, and maintenance that help prevent future headaches and infestations.

Do I need termite protection?

Termites are a threat year-round in Middle TN. Some businesses aren’t as susceptible to termites, however. We will make an honest assessment as to whether you should be concerned. If you choose termite protection, we recommend the Sentricon ® System. We have worked with the Sentricon System for nearly 25 years now and it’s the most effective, least invasive termite protection program on the market. Usually, the installation fee alone is $500 or more- but since we are the market leader in Middle TN for termite protection, we were able to work with the manufacturer of Sentricon to get special pricing for commercial properties.

What do I do about mice and rats?

Mice and rats are an unfortunate reality for many businesses in Nashville and Middle TN. Mice and rats are prolific breeders and seeing signs of one- means there are more you don’t see. We will make an inspection for you to determine just how many strategically placed interior and exterior stations are needed to eliminate a problem and/or prevent one from developing. During each visit, we will monitor and track activity, refill bait and strategic relocate the stations as needed for the best results.

How to get rid of flies… please help!

We get best results for fly control by treating outside around dumpsters, loading docks and around doorways and other entry points where flies tend to get inside. We will also foam drains each visit as needed for drain flies and gnats.  Light traps and air curtains are also strategically recommended from time to time. If you want to add light traps and/or air curtains, we can order those from our distributor for you or we can send you web links to the devices we recommend. If your business as a small area that needs a light trap, we can bring you some small plugin light traps that work really well in small bathrooms, around desks and other tighter areas.

Many properties around the area in need of exterminators in Nashville, Brentwood and Henderson continue to use our affordable pest control services over and over. We offer commercial pest control services tailored to your unique situation. Get rid of pests such as unwanted bugs and rodents with a dedicated company that cares about your business. All American Pest Control in Tennessee, is backed by 60 years of pest control experience.

Depending on your business type, you should rest assured that our pest control services covers general pests that are prevalent in Tennessee. These include but not limited to, Bed bugs, fly control, cockroach control, termite control, wildlife control, bed bug control, rodent control, pigeon control, monthly mosquito treatments, and seasonal fire ant control. Some tasks that may appear to be simple, such as rodent control are best left to be handled by a professional exterminator. All American pest control is ready. Contact us today.