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Since 1961, All-American Pest Control has provided the highest quality pest control services to homes and businesses in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee. As a local, family-owned and operated pest control company, we strive to deliver reliable, remarkable service while protecting our community from the harmful effects of pests. If bed bugs, ants, mice, termites, spiders, or any other pest found are causing you stress and concern, our team of professional exterminators will get rid of all your insect and rodent problems today.

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Pest Control Services For Your Nashville Home

Our home pest control services include Perimeter Plus Pest Control - designed to keep pests out of your home, off of your property, and away from your family and pets throughout the year. Our Perimeter Plus Pest Control includes thorough exterior treatments, coverage for over 47 common pests, interior services (as needed at no additional cost), and no annual contracts.  As added protection, we offer the All-For-One bundle which includes the same coverage as the regular Perimeter Plus Pest Control services along with termite coverage and treatment for five difficult-to-eliminate OUTDOOR pests: mosquitoes, flies, Japanese beetles, spiders, and box elder bugs. If you noticed mice scurrying across your kitchen floor or roaches crawling in your bathroom, we're here to help!

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Green Pest Control Services

For home and business owners in Nashville, All-American Pest Control offers our effective and environmentally-friendly green pest control services. Our Green Pest Control uses Essentria, a plant oil that helps to get rid of problem insects while posing no threat to people, pets, birds, and fish.  It's just as effective as our regular Perimeter Pest program, but with an all-natural, botanical base.  Contact our Nashville office to learn more about our Green Pest Control service to eliminate all of your pesky pests.

Termite Control In Middle TN

By far, the most destructive insect found in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee is the eastern subterranean termite, costing home and business owners in the United States billions of dollars in property damage each year. While termites do not bite or carry disease, their insatiable hunger for wood, leaves, and other cellulose-based items can cause severe damage to your home’s structure. These social insects live in colonies of up to 500,000 insects, eating away at the wooden structure of your home while building tunnels and nests for their colonies.  Signs of termite activity are:

  • Swarming termites (Learn more about this phenomenon)

  • Tiny holes in wood surfaces

  • Sagging window and door frames

  • Mud tubes running along foundations and in basements

  • Crumbling plaster or drywall

  • Floors and ceiling appearing “squishy”

Termite damage can happen silently over many years. At the first sign of termite activity, professional exterminators should be contacted immediately. All-American Pest Control’s termite control services will eliminate entire termite colonies with the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System.  This state-of-the-art treatment involves a three step process of detecting termites, baiting and eliminating the entire colony, and continuous monitoring to prevent re-infestations.  Trust the professionals at All-American for the most effective termite control for your Nashville home and business.

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Bed Bug Control

Bed bug infestation is one of the fastest-growing problems in the Nashville area. Bed bugs are small, flat, brown, and oval-shaped. They stay hidden during the day and only come out at night to feed on human and animal blood. Bed bugs can easily adapt to new environments and effortlessly travel from one location to another in luggage, used furniture, backpacks, purses, and even people. Since these parasites are nocturnal, they can be difficult to detect and even harder to eliminate.  The professionals at All-American Pest Control understand the importance of identifying and eliminating these nuisance insects as soon as possible ... and with our quality bed bug services, we are sure to do just that. Our bed bug dog inspection team will provide a quick, thorough inspection of your room or property, identifying the location of bed bugs in all stages of life.  We will then implement one of three excellent bed bug treatment options: traditional steam treatment, gold heat treatment, or platinum heat treatment.  If you’ve noticed reddish-brown spots on linens, shed bed bugs skins, itchy red welts on your skin, or a sweet, musty odor permeating a room, do not wait.

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