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Designed to give homeowners added pest protection

This home pest control program includes the same services as our Perimeter Pest Control program and also targets over 47 of Tennessee's most common household pests.  For added pest protection, this program also provides coverage for five outdoor pests including mosquitoes.

Customers that have chosen the Perimeter PLUS Pest Control love that our pest control professionals apply a perimeter barrier around the outside of the home each quarter to stop pests before they ever get inside. Factor in our extensive coverage for common household pests and misting services performed several times a year to reduce mosquito activity, spiders in landscaping, flies, boxelder bugs, stink bugs and Asian lady beetles, and you can see why Perimeter Plus Pest Control has become most popular service.

What you can expect

Every quarter, your All-American service team professional will stop by to treat your home following a proven three step process that includes the following preventative applications:


all american pest control technician in nashville tn

Step 1

The first trip around your home includes an inspection of common pest entry points, as well as spider web removal with a web brush.


pest technician inspecting

Step 2

A perimeter application focusing on your foundation, window sills we can reach, splash blocks, pipe openings, doorways, garage doors, garbage cans, etc.


pest control service outside home

Step 3

Three out of the four quarterly visits will include misting applications to reduce outdoor pests. This extra application mists your landscaping around the perimeter of your home, tree canopies close to the home and underneath decks if applicable.

Also Included: Interior home pest control services 

Our main focus is to build a barrier around the outside so that you, hopefully, will not have any issues inside. It is possible that pests will get inside from time to time. Weather can cause material to break down more quickly, which can allow some pests to simply walk in through an open door or window.

Therefore, keep our phone number handy, and give us a call if you start seeing mice, spiders or other pests inside. We’ll be glad to schedule a time with you to treat the inside for no additional charge.