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If you’ve noticed termites or termite damage in your home or simply want to prevent these house-destroying insects from taking over, contact All-American Pest Control today for the most effective termite control in Nashville, Franklin, Hendersonville and Middle Tennessee!

All-American Pest Control uses the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System to protect your home from destructive ground termites. Unlike other termite treatments, our method will not disrupt your household, requires no drilling, and is odor-free! It’s the ultimate environmentally responsible and non-chemical way to eliminate termites from your home, your yard, and your life!

As an Authorized Operator of the Sentricon System, All-American Pest Control offers the most effective termite control in Nashville and throughout Middle TN!

The Sentricon® System vs. conventional chemical treatment


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And the winner is... The Sentricon® System! 

Requiring only a few grams of bait (the size of a sugar packet), the Sentricon® System is so effective that it has been recognized as a Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award winner for environmental responsibility!  Because it's so effective in controlling and preventing termites, it protects the White House, the Statue of Liberty, the Alamo and many other U.S. historic sites. Closer to home, The Hermitage, Tennessee State University, Morgan Park Place (a LEED certified Green Building), several of the area’s most respected hospitals and over 4,000 private homes rely on All-American’s Sentricon® System to keep their properties termite-free.

Best of all, this proven termite colony elimination system can be installed by our experienced termite control professionals discreetly and monitored without you having to be home.  

An ounce of prevention equals long term peace of mind

While the Sentricon® System is an extremely effective treatment method, it is even better when used as an early warning device. Consider it a permanent security system for your home. We live in an area that is considered to have heavy incidences of termites; therefore, a preventative program is even more important. In 8 out of 10 homes where we have installed the Sentricon® System as a preventative measure, we have found termites and eliminated the colonies during the first year.

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Don't wait until you've already discovered termite damage

Contact All-American Pest Control today and schedule your free home evaluation.  Our local pest control professionals will inspect your home and let you know if termites or evidence of these pests are present. And if you have termites, count on All-American to take care of the colony!

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