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This is a question I get asked all the time.  For years and years the only way to try and prevent termites from munching away at your home was a liquid chemical treatment– then came Sentricon. In 1995, Dow AgroSciences introduced a revolutionary way to treat for and prevent termites. No more pumping hundreds of gallons of chemical in and around your home! With Sentricon, termites can be eliminated by placing monitoring/baiting devices every 10 feet around the perimeter of the structure. Common sense would say that a tiny little termite could easily by-pass the stations and get to your home for a nice, tasty dinner– I get this concern all the time. It’s a valid concern. Here’s a quick drawing to illustrate the concern…

So, how does it work?  Well, Sentricon works with the natural biology and feeding patterns of the termites. If termites are in or around your home, they are going to run into the stations. 

Termites are blind and are constantly foraging for new food sources. Their natural patterns and behaviors aid in their survival as a colony and ultimately a species. One key behavior that ensures a high likelihood that termites find adequate food sources is related to their foraging patterns. Sentricon takes advantage of these foraging patterns to monitor, bait, and eliminate termite colonies from in and around your home.

Here’s how it works… first of all, the queen termite is at the heart of the action.  Worker termites go out in search for food in a pattern that could be described as sun rays.  Here’s a drawing:


The second aspect of the pattern is a tree like approach. From the radial pattern, termites then branch out like tree branches.  This behavior allows termites to be very effective in finding food to feed the colony. Here what it could look like…


So what do all these drawing mean to you and protecting your home?  It means that due to the biology and behavior of termites, the idea that a termite will bypass a station to get to your home is a myth. If termites are in or around your home Sentricon will monitor, bait and eliminate the termite colony. From our real world, real small business results… most of the time, Sentricon detects a colony way before any visual evidence appears in a home. It works!