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How To Tell If Your Nashville Home Has A Termite Problem

With brown coloring, thick waists, short legs, and straight antennae, a termite’s appearance can vary based on the type of termite. In some cases, they may even be mistaken for ants. Even if the two pests may look alike, that’s where the similarities end. While most ant species are nothing more than nuisances, termites are responsible for costing homeowners over a billion dollars in property damage every year.

Unfortunately, many Nashville homeowners don’t realize they’ve got a termite problem until these critters have already caused permanent damage. Here’s what Nashville homeowners should know about why termites are so hard to spot, what the signs of termites look like, and what to do if you think you’ve got a termite problem.

a wooden door with termite damage

Why Are Termite Infestations So Hard To Spot?

Some pests may be easy to spot as soon as they’ve taken root in your home, but termites aren’t one of them. These critters can go undetected for weeks or months, and by that time, they may have caused severe structural damage to your home. But why are termites so hard to spot?

Unlike many pests, termites build their colonies deep underground or inside the walls of your home and usually only leave their nests to look for food or a mate. Since they feed on wood and other cellulose materials, you’re not likely to find live termites wandering around your home. Many homeowners don’t discover their termite problem until the damage has become so serious that it’s impossible to miss. For this reason, it’s not only important to understand what the early, subtle signs of a termite infestation look like and to rely on professional help.

It’s not always easy for homeowners to detect termites, but a termite control professional will know what the signs of termites look like. Getting annual inspections can catch termite problems before they become severe.

What Are The Signs Of Termites In Nashville, TN?

You may not find termites in Nashville wandering around your home, but these pests do leave behind signs of their presence. Knowing what these signs are is crucial to catch a termite infestation early.

  • Termite swarms and discarded wings: Once a colony is mature, reproductive termites break off to look for a mate and form a new colony. This creates a swarm, and if you’re noticing swarms of termites around your property, you’ve likely got a termite issue. You may not see a live swarm in some cases, but you may find evidence of a swarm (discarded wings) lying near doorways or windows. Termites swarmers shed their wings and leave them piled near exits and entrances.

  • Jammed doors and windows: While there can be multiple causes, doors, and windows that suddenly become jammed are another sign of termites. Tight-fitting doors or windows can mean that termites have eaten through the wood enough to change the surface tension, created moisture damage, or otherwise caused it to no longer fit its frame.

  • Frass: Termites can also leave droppings behind, but they aren’t the dark, tiny pellets that you’d expect. Because termites live off wood and cellulose materials, their droppings are called “frass,” which looks like sawdust. When they’re building their tunnels, termites may kick frass out of their burrows. It’s not unusual to find it piled up around walls.

  • Hollow walls and floors: Because of termite colonies in walls or floors, you may hear an echo or hollow sound when you tap on your wall or walk on your floor.

If you are noticing these or other signs of termites in your Nashville home, there is no time to waste.

How To Handle A Termite Infestation In Nashville, TN

Because termite infestations can cause so much damage and go unnoticed for so long, this is one pest you shouldn’t try and handle on your own. Even if you’re not sure if you have termites but you’re noticing some of the signs, your best option is to schedule an inspection with a professional pest control company in Nashville – like those of us at All-American Pest Control.

Not only can we root out a termite infestation if your home has one, but we can also help identify any structural damage that has been done. If you’re worried that your Nashville home has termites, don’t hesitate to call us at All-American Pest Control for more information on our residential and commercial pest control services in Nashville, or to schedule an inspection.


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