4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1056 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1056 Reviews

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Pest Control In Gallatin, TN

Since 1961, All-American Pest Control has been assisting home and business owners with the most comprehensive pest control options in Gallatin and throughout Middle Tennessee. Our Gallatin exterminators have thorough knowledge and expertise to identify and quickly resolve any pest infestation you may be experiencing no matter how big or small it may be. At All-American Pest Control, our core values are:

  • Teamwork
  • Reliability
  • Respect
  • Remarkable Service
  • Career Opportunities
  • Thoughtful Innovation

If you are searching for a Gallatin pest control company you can trust in, look no further than All-American Pest Control.

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Home Pest Control

There are times that unwanted pests will enter your home in search of food, water, and shelter, making your building the ideal location. At All-American Pest Control we have designed our home pest control services to effectively get rid of common household pests in Tennessee, including:

  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Mice
  • Wasps
  • Fleas
  • And a whole lot more!

Our Perimeter Plus Pest Control treatments and the Green Choice Program were developed to focus on the exterior of your home to prevent 47 of the most common pests from entering.  To make sure you are not inviting pests into your home without your knowledge, let our professional exterminators provide you with a free home pest evaluation with absolutely no obligation.

Commercial Pest Control In Gallatin

One of the fastest ways a business can go down in flames is because of a pest infestation. When critters are running around work areas, contaminating food, and damaging inventory and furniture, it's disturbing. Insects, rodents, and occasional invaders can make employees sick, injure customers, and tarnish a good reputation. Every business in Gallatin should consider scheduling commercial pest control treatments.

All-American Pest Control can uncover hidden pest problems and protect businesses from pest infestations with appropriate treatments and techniques. We offer the following: 

  • Our techs use Integrated Pest Management strategies for the most effective, low-impact treatments.
  • We keep the application of certain products to a minimum to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.
  • We provide customized pest control treatments that match the unique needs of your business and industry.

Critters can cause costly structural damage, destroy profits, and shutter a business without timely pest control treatments and exclusion. All-American Pest Control's technicians can pinpoint areas pests exploit and devise custom treatments.

Focus on running your business and call the pros at All-American Pest Control for commercial pest control to eliminate pesky critters.


Spiders In Tennessee Homes

While common house spiders are usually just a nuisance, there are two species of spiders that are more dangerous. Brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders are venomous and can cause serious health issues if you are bitten by one. Other spiders such as wolf spiders, jumping spiders, and the common house spider are non-venomous but can still be an annoyance if found inside your home. All-American’s home pest control services will get rid of and prevent the non-venomous spiders. We also offer a special Brown Recluse Spider Removal if you are finding more dangerous spiders in your home. And when our spider control services are used in conjunction with our mosquito prevention treatment plan, it can greatly reduce the number of spiders inhabiting high areas of your home. If you have seen spider webs in the corners of your ceiling or have noticed spiders hiding beneath your decking, contact All-American Pest Control to have one of the highly trained technicians eliminate your pest problem today.

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Protect Your Gallatin Business From Pests

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Pests inside your business can ruin products, tarnish your image, and wreck your reputation. With All-American Pest Control’s commercial pest control services we will help protect your business from troublesome pests. We have served a wide variety of facilities in the commercial industry, including:

  • Lodging Facilities
  • Property Management
  • Warehouses
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Food Service Establishments
  • Golf Courses
  • Offices
  • And More!

When calling on All-American Pest Control to get rid of your infestation, we will quickly resolve your pest problem by customizing a treatment plan to best fit your business. If you are looking for a pest control company that will quickly and efficiently exterminate all your pest problems, as well as preventing future pest problems from happening, you can count on All-American Pest Control!


Additional Services 

In addition to our home pest control, commercial pest control, and brown recluse spider control services, All-American Pest Control also offers:

Don’t let unwanted insects and rodents cause you unnecessary stress and concern; let the professionals at All-American resolve all your pest problems once and for all.

Mosquitoes Hanging Around Your Gallatin Yard Can Be A Big Problem

Seeing mosquitoes around your Gallatin yard isn’t anything unusual. These pests are seasonal and are drawn out by warmth and moisture. Mosquitoes are also on the search for people to bite because the female needs human blood in order to lay her eggs. Unfortunately, when mosquitoes loiter around your yard, they can bring potential problems. One of the most significant threats that mosquitoes can possibly bring is health risks to people. The culex family is commonly linked with the spread of Eastern equine encephalitis and West Nile virus. They pick up these bacteria after they’ve feasted on a diseased bird. Not every culex mosquito is going to be carrying these pathogens. However, there’s no way of knowing when they bite you. 

Another issue that mosquitoes can cause is heartworm in pups. This happens in a similar way, after they’ve fed on an ill bird and then bitten your pups. The most effective way to protect your entire household from the potential problems that mosquitoes can bring is with professional help from All-American Pest Control. We provide seasonal organic treatments that target all of the hiding places where mosquitoes can live. For more information on mosquito control, call us today. 

All The Problems Rodents Can Create In Your Gallatin House

Rodents are some of the most determined pests that you can expect to see around your Gallatin home. They are on the search for sustenance and a safe place to live. Mice have a very easy time getting inside of homes, as they usually use cracks in foundations that you can’t even see. Rats are capable of climbing and scaling your home or using the sewer system, based on the species. Once they’ve gotten inside, here are some of the issues that rodents can cause:

The spread of other pests. Rodents are one of the most common hosts for parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites. These pests can be harmful for people but are an even bigger threat to your cats and dogs. They are linked with health issues such as tapeworm, Lyme disease, murine typhus, and tularemia. 
Their own health issues. Rodents are also known to spread the pathogens that lead to salmonella, hantavirus, leptospirosis, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis.
Property damage. Rodents have a natural need to chew on things, which they do to keep their front teeth from overgrowing. This can lead to holes in foundations and walls, ruined insulation, and unsafe electrical wires. 
For more information on rodent control, call All-American Pest Control today. 


What's The Difference Between Stinging Insects In Gallatin?

When the weather is warmer in Gallatin, stinging insects are a significant concern for homeowners. You want adequate protection and prevention measures for stinging insects when enjoying time outside your home.

There are more than a few stinging insects that you should be familiar with in the area. Make sure that your home has screens in good repair over windows and doors. Remember to regularly treat your home's interior and exterior to reduce visits from unwanted insect pests. And seal any cracks and openings in your home so insects cannot enter.

Some of the stinging insects to be aware of in Gallatin include:

  • Yellow jackets: These insects are a predatory species that feed on other insects. They have well-defined yellow and black striped patterns and are known for being aggressive. 
  • European hornets: Larger than yellow jackets, European hornets are brown with yellow stripes and the only true species of hornet in the United States.
  • Bald-faced hornets: Long, wasp-like insects, bald-faced hornets are black with white on their faces, abdomen, and thorax. 
  • Paper wasps: With pinched waists and long, thin legs, these wasps are black or brown with yellow to orange markings and identified by their paper-like nests. 
  • Mud daubers: A more solitary species, these insects range from black to metallic blue.
  • Cicada killers: A large species of wasp, cicada killers can grow between two and three inches in length and range in color from black to red with yellow and black banding. 

Defend your family, pets, and home against stinging insects throughout the year with effective pest control services from All-American Pest Control.

Call All-American Pest Control to schedule an inspection, and remember to request a free quote. Let us take over!


Why Do I Have A Flea Infestation In My Gallatin House?

Before getting into your house, fleas infest yards. When you take your pets outside, these insects hitch a ride into your home. They can also get into your house by leaping onto shoes, pant legs, and blankets. As a result, residents can unknowingly carry these potentially dangerous creatures into their homes.

Fleas carry various pathogens and spread illnesses to people and pets when they bite. While they prefer to bite pets, they’ll bite people when animals are absent. They tend to hide on furniture, beds, and carpets, making them hard to see. In most cases, you won’t know you have a flea infestation until they begin biting.

The best way to determine if you have fleas is to see them. However, their small sizes and hiding abilities make them hard to find. Fortunately, there are other ways to discover fleas in your house. Some common signs of fleas in your home include:

  • Pets scratching themselves more than usual.
  • Fur loss in pets.
  • Flea bite marks on people and animals.
  • Flea feces on pet bedding and carpets.

Fleas can be hard to eliminate when they infest your home. At All-American Pest Control, our pest control professionals have the knowledge and tools to find these nuisances and remove them from your house. Call us today if you see signs of fleas in your Gallatin home.


Call The Experts For Total Cockroach Control For Your Gallatin Home

Cockroaches are an unpleasant appearance for any homeowner. These pests can get into your house through small gaps and are hard to eliminate. They carry pathogens on their legs and spread them around homes when they crawl on surfaces, causing illnesses in people.

Like most pests, cockroaches enter buildings looking for food, water, and shelter. You can attempt to prevent a cockroach infestation by taking preventative steps, including:

  • Sealing cracks and crevices in your home’s exterior.
  • Installing mesh screens over drains and vents.
  • Cleaning up spills and crumbs.
  • Fixing moisture issues.
  • Storing food in airtight containers.

While you can prevent cockroaches from entering your home, they’re unlikely to leave once they arrive. Their ability to hide in hard-to-reach places makes them hard to eliminate. The experts at All-American Pest Control know how to end a cockroach infestation in your house. Our professionals can find where these pests are hiding, and we offer recurring services to protect your home year-round. Give us a call if cockroaches have infested your house.


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