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Paper Wasps

What are paper wasps?

paper wasps in franklin tennessee

Paper wasps get their name from the umbrella-shaped nests that they create from paper-like material.

They are considered to be only semi-social insects and live together in small colonies.

They have six long legs, antennae, and adults range in length from 5/8 to 3/4 of an inch.

They are brown to brownish-red in color and have yellow markings.

Their diet consists of nectar and other small insects.

Are paper wasps dangerous?

Paper wasps are not considered to be a very aggressive species, but they do have the ability to sting, and therefore are considered to be dangerous. Paper wasps generally only sting when they or their nest are being threatened. The venom from a paper wasp sting can cause severe allergic reactions in some people that require them to seek immediate medical attention.

Why do I have a paper wasp problem?

Paper wasps can build their nests from the branches of trees and shrubs, porch ceilings, door frames, soffits, eaves, inside of attics, and under decks. Any of these areas allow easy access to your home. They can also become a nuisance while you try to enter and exit your house. After breeding during the fall months, female paper wasps seek inside of homes and other buildings to overwinter.

How do I get rid of paper wasps?

Paper wasps and other stinging insects should only be removed from your home and property with the help of professionals. At All-American Pest Control, we offer pest control services for paper wasps through our Perimeter Plus Pest Control or Green Choice Pest Control programs.


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Can I do it myself?

Trying to take care of pest problems on your own can be dangerous, ineffective, and could cost you more time and money than you’re willing to spend. The safest and most effective way to completely and quickly eliminate a paper wasp infestation is by getting help from a professional pest control expert. If you need help getting rid of paper wasps in or around your home contact the professionals at All-American Pest Control today.

Why choose All-American Pest Control?

With over 50 years of experience, we know the time, effort, and commitment it takes to solve your paper wasp problems. With All-American Pest Control, you’ll receive effective wasp control and removal services, a serious commitment, and thorough treatments from our trained pest control experts in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

How can I prevent a paper wasp problem in the future?

Preventing paper wasps can be difficult, but there are a few things that you can do around your home to thwart them. Seal gaps in your home’s foundation, exterior walls, and along your roof line. Caulking gaps found around exterior windows and doors. Check your chimney to ensure that it has a tight cap and that any cracks are sealed and repaired. You should also trim trees and bushes back from the exterior of your home.

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