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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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With cooling temperatures and shorter days, we know here in Nashville and Mid-Tennessee that fall has arrived and cooler weather is not far behind.  And though summer is officially over, it is good to keep in mind that wasps are still active and could very well become a problem in or around your home.  In our area, there are several types of wasps that can be seen, though there are subtle differences in both appearance and behavior.  Knowing how to identify these stinging insects and learning their nesting behavior can keep you safe from their stings this fall and throughout the year.

The yellow jacket is usually between 17 and 18 millimeters long. They are black with yellow markings. Their nests are usually built in vegetation and on houses, sheds and garages. Some underground nests have been found.  Yellow jackets are very common and have been known to follow humans around, though possibly not with the intent of stinging. They have very large colonies, which can be dangerous when they are nesting near people. Often their queens survive throughout the winter and sometimes the entire colony does as well.

The red paper wasp is the most common and most aggressive wasp in Mid-Tennessee and can range between 3/4 of an inch to an inch long. They are narrow-waisted wasps with reddish-brown to dark red or orange colorings and are known for building papery nests that hang down similar in shape to that of an umbrella.  Sheltered areas including the eaves of your home or garage, overhangs, and light fixtures are likely spots to find paper wasp nests as well as inside dwellings and the branches of a tree.

The professionals at All-American Pest Control want you to be informed about these troublesome pests. The wasps that you may come into contact with in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Hendersonville and throughout Middle Tennessee should be avoided, especially if they are nesting on or around your home or property.  If you have seen yellow jackets and other wasps milling around your home, shed, garage or even your garden, contact the Nashville pest control experts at All-American Pest Control today to request your free home evaluation and to get more information about how to get rid of wasps and other stinging insects.

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