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Types of Wasps Threatening Middle Tennessee Residents

A wasp infestation in Tennessee is a problem that can sneak up on you and, when it does, it can be painful to deal with. Wasps can establish themselves in your yard, on your home, and inside your home. The secret to controlling them is to know what you're up against. Today, we'll take a look at 3 common wasp pests in Middle Tennessee and discuss prevention strategies from the Tennessee pest control professionals at All-American Pest Control, Inc.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are the worst wasps that come into our Tennessee yards. One of the reasons they're so bad is they can create ground nests. If you don't like mowing your Tennessee lawn on a hot summer day, try doing it with a few dozen wasps stinging you. The vibration from a lawnmower is often more than enough to get these wasps to swarm. When they do, they can chase you quite a ways, even going around obstacles to get to you. And when they sting they can do it several times. They don't have a barb on the end of their stinger like honey bees do. If you don't have routine visits from a pest control professional, be sure to get out into your yard and look in ground holes periodically. It is no fun to have a yellow jacket infestation sneak up on you.

close up on a yellow jacket

Paper Wasps 

In our service area, the paper wasps we usually see are red wasps. These guys can be tame if you come across one in your yard, away from its nest. Paper wasps have no interest in stinging you, as long as you don't provoke them. But a nest in your yard can be a serious issue. Paper wasps have a nest-protection instinct. If you get too close, they're going to let you know it. And like those yellow jackets,  paper wasps in Tennessee can sting multiple times. Look for these nests in high places. Paper wasps create aerial nests under the overhangs of rooflines, in rafters, in trees, and in other above-ground locations.

close up on paper wasps

Mud Daubers 

These wasps are easy to identify. They have long, thin waists that are visible from a distance. If you see these slender wasps on your property, you don't have to worry too much, even if they've built a nest. They aren't social insects and they won't swarm you. But a sting from a mud dauber is still painful. If you sit on one or place your hand on one, you're going to wish you hadn't. So, it is best to find and remove mud dauber nests when these insects establish them.

mud dauber up close

Wasp Prevention 

There are several key ways you can reduce your risk of being stung by a wasp. Some focus on personal protection. Some focus on yard protection. And some are geared toward preventing home infestations.

  • Personal Protection: Refrain from wearing bright colors, floral patterns, perfume, and cologne when you go out into your yard to keep from attracting the attention of wasps. If a wasp comes near you, don't swing at it. Move in steady motions and walk briskly away.
  • Yard Protection: Reduce bugs in your yard to reduce an important food source that wasps are looking for. Keep exterior trash in sealed containers. Clean foods up after grilling. Refrain from leaving drink cups unattended.
  • Home protection: Do an inspection of your home and seal any gaps you find. Look closely around plumbing and wire conduit. These are common trouble spots. During your inspection, make sure all of your screens are in good working condition.

Get a Second Set of Eyes

Life is busy. Who has time to do routine inspections for wasp nests and potential entry points around the home? When you have ongoing residential pest control service in Tennessee, you don't have to. You'll have a second set of eyes watching for potential pest threats. More importantly, you'll have a set of professional eyes. A service professional is trained in what conditions are conducive to stinging pests, where nests are likely to be established, and what entry points they commonly use to get into homes. They also know what to do to deal with nests that are established.
If you live in Middle Tennessee and you need assistance with stinging-insect control services, let us know. Our service team members know what to look for. We'll give you the service you need to keep stinging pests from sneaking up on you.


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