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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1055 Reviews

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What are mosquitoes?

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Mosquitoes are members of the same insect order as flies and gnats.

They are 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch in length with a round head and slim body.

Mosquitos are pale brown with white stripes across their abdomen.

Both female and male mosquitoes feed on the sugars from plants, nectar, and honeydew.

However, it is only the female that delivers the painful “bite” that we associate with mosquitoes. The female needs the protein from the blood in order to produce her eggs.

Are mosquitoes dangerous?

Mosquitoes are very dangerous to humans because of the diseases that they can spread. One such disease is West Nile virus, which spreads by mosquitoes biting infected birds and then spreading the virus to humans. Mosquitoes have also been known to spread many other dangerous mosquito-borne diseases including malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, and Zika.  

For more information about the Zika virus in Tennessee, visit the Zika virus page of the Tennessee Department of Health's website and for information regarding the Zika virus in the United States, click here to go to the Zika virus section of the Center for Disease Control & Prevention's (CDC) website.

Why do I have a mosquito problem?

If your property has areas with standing water such as ponds, wading pools, or artificial containers, you have the perfect breeding environment for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes live outdoors and like to hide in areas of high grass and bushes during the heat of the day.

How do I get rid of mosquitoes?

At All-American Pest Control, we offer our mosquito reduction services for Nashville homes. To learn more about pest control services for mosquitoes, or to find out how we can help you combat mosquitoes in your commercial establishment, please contact us today.


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Can I do it myself?

Controlling mosquitoes can be a very frustrating task for home and business owners. They breed and live outdoors, making it impossible to completely eliminate them. They are also capable of traveling several miles from one breeding ground to another. Reducing mosquito populations is usually most effectively accomplished by professionals. If you have a mosquito problem, contact All-American Pest Control today.

Why choose All-American Pest Control?

With over 50 years of experience, we know the time, effort and commitment it takes to reduce mosquito activity. With All-American Pest Control, you’ll receive services, a serious commitment, and thorough treatments from our trained pest control experts in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

How can I prevent a mosquito problem in the future?

Reducing areas of standing water will significantly lower the number of mosquitoes on your property; without standing water they cannot reproduce. Keeping your grass cut short and bushes trimmed down will discourage them from using your property as a resting area. Make sure that all open doors and windows have screens installed. Check all screens to ensure they are intact to prevent mosquitos from entering your home or business.

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