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Mosquitoes In Nashville Can Be Dangerous

When mosquitoes come into your yard, they are mostly a nuisance. The reason residents get mosquito control in Nashville is that backyard fun is a lot more fun with fewer mosquitoes around. And there is also a side benefit to mosquito control. At the end of the day, there is a risk associated with mosquitoes, and reducing mosquito activity on your property gives you better protection than mosquito repellents. Our topic today is centered on how mosquitoes in Nashville spread viruses and how some misconceptions about mosquitoes can make DIY mosquito control and disease prevention less effective. 

mosquito full of blood

What Happens To Your Blood In A Mosquito?

It is common knowledge that mosquitoes draw blood, but it might surprise you that they are not sustained in this way. Mosquitoes eat nectar and plant sap—only female mosquitoes need a blood meal. When a female mosquito draws blood from you, she uses it to make eggs. In fact, the blood meal triggers a chain reaction that leads to the production of the eggs. This relation between mosquito bites and mosquito reproduction is an important one. It provides insight into how mosquitoes can make you sick and why DIY mosquito repellents often fall short in keeping mosquitoes away. What is the best way to repel mosquitoes in Nashville? The secret is to make it difficult for mosquitoes to live in your yard. We'll talk about that in a moment. First, let's take a look at how female mosquitoes make people sick.  

How Does A Mosquito Help Spread Viruses?

When a female mosquito draws a blood meal from an animal for the purpose of reproduction, she can contract organisms that can result in disease transmission. The diseases you can get from mosquitoes can be passed from animals to humans or from humans to humans. Some mosquito-borne diseases are found in local animal populations, and others are not. Some mosquito-borne diseases only spread when travelers bring these diseases into Nashville from other parts of the world. Fortunately, the risk of serious illness is low. In most cases, mosquitoes just leave puffy, itchy welts on your skin. 

Can You Repel Mosquitoes With Sound?

We often get questions like this one which are related to how mosquitoes can be repelled. First, let's answer the question directly. No. There are no studies that show ultrasonic sounds repel mosquitoes. But, if sound can be used to keep mosquitoes away, it isn't likely to be effective. There are many ways to repel mosquitoes, but in general, repellents fall short in guarding against mosquito bites. 

When female mosquitoes go searching for blood, they're highly motivated. The females know on some level that drawing blood is necessary for reproduction and the continuance of the species. Have you ever put bug spray all over you and still had mosquitoes bite you? If so, you know how motivated those female mosquitoes can be. 

What Is The Best Way To Deal With Mosquitoes?

The best solution for preventing mosquito bites is to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard. Repellents are just not as effective as they need to be. There are a few ways you can reduce mosquitoes in your yard.

  • Inspect your yard and remove containers that capture rainwater. Stagnant water resources provide breeding areas for mosquitoes.
  • Address clogged gutters. Mosquitoes can use a small pool of water in your gutters for the purpose of reproduction.
  • Pour water out. It takes a little over a week for mosquito eggs to develop into flying adult mosquitoes. When you pour water out of a container, it disrupts the development process. 
  • Address weed problems. Since mosquitoes eat nectar and plant sap for survival, it helps to reduce the number of flowers where you're able. When little flowery weeds appear in your lawn, they provide an ample food source for mosquitoes.
  • Address moisture. Mosquitoes dry out easily. For this reason, they're always looking for moist hiding places. You can reduce moisture in your landscaping by keeping things trimmed and by removing unnecessary vegetation.

These tips can help you keep mosquitoes away from your yard and they're all-natural. If you need more control than this, it is best to let Nashville pest control deal with the mosquitoes on your property.

At All-American Pest Control, we know how important mosquito control is to you. We're also aware of how motivated female mosquitoes can be. This has motivated us to develop programs that provide home pest protection plus mosquito control, programs such as Perimeter Plus, All-For One-Advantage, and All-For-One Complete Care. Don't trust your mosquito bite prevention to repellents. They just won't get this important job done right. Reach out to us here at All-American Pest Control to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Nashville and to get started with a mosquito control plan for your Nashville property. There is no better way to deal with mosquitoes. If there was, we'd tell you.


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