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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1039 Reviews

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There’s nothing worse than planning a big family barbecue in your back yard and then being chased indoors by annoying mosquitoes. The summer is meant for family fun and your backyard is meant to be enjoyed, but it’s nearly impossible to enjoy time spent outdoors when you’re constantly swatting at mosquitoes or scratching at their bites on your skin. In the summer, mosquito control is something you should consider to make your time spent outdoors enjoyable; the Nashville pest control professionals at All-American want you to enjoy summer too, so we’re offering a few of our best mosquito prevention tips

Mosquito Prevention Tips In Nashville 

  1. Get rid of areas where mosquitoes are breeding to limit their numbers. We know that female mosquitoes lay their eggs on the surface of standing water, so if you have any areas of standing water on your property, you could be the host of a mosquito nursery! At least once a week, check your property for areas where rain water has collected; these areas can include old tires, children’s toys, clogged gutters and even hollowed out tree stumps or puddles on the ground.

  2. Keep grass cut short; mosquitoes are known to hide in tall grass.

  3. Turn over kiddie pools and wheel barrows when not in use so that rainwater cannot collect inside them.

  4. Keep drainage ditches and culverts free of trash, weeds and leaves so that they drain properly.

  5. Fill in low areas on your property to eliminate areas of standing water that may collect after a rain storm.

  6. Use insect repellent sprays on your body and your clothes when you venture outside, especially during peak mosquito times at dawn and dusk.

  7. Replace screens that are torn or ripped so that mosquitoes can’t fly in through doors and windows. 

These prevention tips should help discourage mosquito activity on your property, but unless all of your neighbors follow these same prevention tips, you could still be witness to mosquitoes swarming your own backyard. Mosquitoes are known for travelling quite a distance for a blood meal; up to 14 miles! So although these prevention tips can help, they aren’t the only answer. Contacting the professionals at All-American Pest Control for mosquito treatments is the most sure-fire way to get rid of mosquitoes

When you contact us for our mosquito reduction services, our technician will come out to your home and survey the property, inspecting the area and doing some mosquito identification. If you choose our Perimeter PLUS Pest Control Service, we will visit your home on a quarterly basis and at each visit, we’ll provide two perimeter exterior services. The first service will prevent pests like mosquitoes from getting inside your home and the second service will be a treatment to your landscape to kill mosquitoes in their own environment, especially around vegetation, tree canopies and other areas where mosquitoes rest or breed.  If you are looking for a Nashville pest control company that offers mosquito treatments, please contact us today! We’ll be happy to discuss your mosquito control options so that your property can be enjoyed this summer, without the annoying buzz of blood thirsty mosquitoes!