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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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There is a lot of confusion about mosquitoes, and that confusion makes some folks feel like there is nothing they can do to stop these irritating pests. But, there is actually a lot that can be done to reduce mosquitoes. In fact, mosquitoes can be reduced so much that some of our customers feel like they have gotten their backyard back. If your yard is being held hostage by these biting pests, here's how our team of educated professionals can help.

Fact: a dead mosquito doesn't lay eggs. This may seem like a silly statement, but it is essential to understand if you want to stop the cycle of mosquito production on your property and in your neighborhood.

When a mosquito comes into your yard from your neighbor's yard, and it dies in your yard, not only will it not lay eggs in your yard, it won't go back into your neighbor's yard to lay eggs. By killing that one mosquito, you've prevented dozens of new mosquitoes that would have plagued you and your neighbor.

Okay. So, how do you kill those mosquitoes? Professionals understand that mosquitoes hide from the sun. That is why they are more frustrating in the morning and the evening. In the middle of the day, they are lurking in bushes, trees, and under decks, porches, and other structures that provide shade. We use this knowledge against them. By applying a targeted application of EPA-approved knockdown agent to the areas where mosquitoes hide, not only do we kill the mosquitoes present, but these areas become a trap for other mosquitoes as well. That means new mosquitoes coming into your yard will be actively eliminated when mosquitoes look for a place to hide from the sun.

Fact: the average mosquito will not travel more than 300 yards in its life. While this may vary by species, and by individual mosquitoes, the truth is mosquitoes are lazy. They are more likely to bite someone who is 20 feet from where they hatch, than someone who is a 100 yards away.

When you have a professional reduce breeding sites in your yard, mist targeted areas, and treat still water sources with larvicide, you can have a significant impact. Sure, it is possible that a mosquito will travel 300 yards to bite you, but mosquitoes just don't want to have to work that hard to get a meal.

If you have more questions, or you would like to set up mosquito service for your Middle Tennessee home, let All-American Pest Control help. We can't guarantee you'll have no mosquitoes, but we can guarantee you'll have fewer mosquitoes. And fewer mosquitoes is always a good thing.

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