4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1056 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1056 Reviews

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Murfreesboro, TN Pest Control Since 1961

All-American Pest Control has been serving the Murfreesboro, TN  region with the most complete residential and commercial pest control services since 1961. Our mission is to deliver reliable, remarkable service while protecting our community from potentially harmful and bothersome pests. 

What makes us unique is how we invest in the careers and training of our team to ensure that our customers get reliable, experienced, effective, safe pest control services. Our owner, Erin Richardson, is actively involved in the day-to-day of our business, and our leadership team lives here in Middle Tennessee and has decades of pest control experience. 

Any questions or concerns you have will be handled professionally and quickly. We love our customers and we love providing peace of mind by helping you protect your home from the common pests found in Tennessee, including spiders, termites, mosquitoes, ants, fleas, and ticks.  

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Our professional pest control technicians are extensively and regularly trained in the use of the most advanced and eco-friendly pest control services. We stay up-to-date on the best pest control treatments available, and we do so with the best interest of our customers and team in mind.  

If you are looking for a Murfreesboro pest control company you can trust, look no further than All-American Pest Control. Plus, we offer a free in-home consultation with our pest control experts to help you feel confident that you’re getting the right pest control services for your needs.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

In Murfreesboro, each season brings different pest control issues for homes and businesses. We have over 63 years of pest control experience in Murfreesboro. Providing peace of mind and protecting your property from pests ensures that your home and family remain safe and healthy and your business continues to operate without a hitch. 

We have designed several service options with the most common pest issues, customer convenience, and effective pest control in mind. With coverage for over 47 pest species, All-American’s thorough Perimeter Plus Pest Control delivers proactive protection for even the toughest pest problems. Spiders, ants, termites, mice, and many other pests are no match for our residential and commercial Murfreesboro pest control services.

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Meet Our Murfreesboro Pest Control Team

While we have been serving Murfreesboro since 1961, we only recently were able to open a local service center in Murfreesboro. 

Pictured here are our Murfreesboro Service Manager, our Murfreesboro pest control team, our Director of HR, Lexus Jenkins, and our owner, Erin Richardson, during our ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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Mosquito Control in Murfreesboro

All homes and yards are mosquito magnets in Tennessee, but some seem to attract more mosquitoes than others. If your home or business is a mosquito magnet, we have the mosquito control service just right for you - our MosquitoMAX program.

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With this service package, we come out eight times per year to focus on more than just mosquitoes. All-American’s MosquitoMAX program includes: 

  • Spider web removal
  • 8 pest control home visits per year
  • Perimeter pest control treatments to stop pests before they get inside your home or business
  • 7 mosquito misting treatments per year
  • Results guaranteed – if pests come back, so do we (for free!)

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Green Pest Control in Murfreesboro 

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All-American Pest Control’s environmentally-friendly Green Choice Pest Control program uses natural, botanical-based products to get rid of pests. These services include:

  • Coverage for over 47 pests
  • Thorough exterior treatments
  • No annual contracts
  • Additional interior services provided for no additional charge

Our green services are safe for use around humans, pets, birds, and fish, making it the ideal solution for all your common household pest control problems. For more information about our Green Choice Pest Control services, contact All-American Pest Control today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent termites and other pests in my Murfreesboro home?

Some pests are more destructive than others. Termites and other wood-destroying pests fall into this category. One of the major issues when it comes to termites is that they stay out of sight. This makes it hard to identify an infestation until it has become well-established. 

Ideally, you will take the necessary steps to avoid a termite infestation before it starts in order to save yourself frustration, money, and serious damage to your home. Try these termite prevention tips:

  • Take care of moisture issues in and around your house to lessen the chance of attracting termites.

  • Eliminate wood-to-soil contact, such as firewood that is placed directly on the ground, which makes it easy for termites to thrive on your property.

  • Repair areas of your home where water damage has occurred before termites infest those areas.

The best way to prevent termites is to have 24/7 termite protection from All-American. We use the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, which stops termites from getting into your house in the first place.

The prevention tips for termites are good rules of thumb to prevent other pests, too. Additionally, the following general pest prevention tips will help you avoid pest infestations:

  • Seal cracks, crevices, and holes around the exterior of your house to make it harder for pests to get inside.

  • Keep your lawn and landscaping trimmed and free of debris to eliminate harborage areas and prevent bridges that pests can use to access your house.

  • Store food in air-tight containers or in the refrigerator and keep your kitchen free of dirty dishes and countertops to discourage pests from moving into your house.

  • Take out your trash on a regular basis and store outdoor garbage bins away from your house so foraging pests don’t stick around.

If you need help preventing pests around your Murfreesboro home, contact the pros at All-American Pest Control. We are happy to help our customers keep their homes pest-free.

How do I get rid of beetles, ants, and other infestations in my Murfreesboro home?

Although the majority of pests get into your house by finding openings from outside, there are other ways they can get inside as well. Some pests enter your home through contaminated food items. Others are brought inside in furniture, boxes, or even on your clothing. 

Regardless of how they get inside, you need to know how to get rid of the pests that invade your Murfreesboro home. Getting rid of beetles, effectively eliminating ants, and making your home a pest-free zone isn’t as easy as tossing out infested items or squashing the pests you see. To ensure every pest is taken care of, you need the help of All-American’s home pest control services to eliminate pest infestations in their entirety.

What kinds of bugs are in Murfreesboro, TN?

There are a lot of bugs in Murfreesboro. While there are many pests that you’ll never have to worry about, others could become a serious issue for your home or business. A few common pests include:

  • Spiders: These are some of the most common pests to get into area homes. While most are relatively harmless, there are also a couple of venomous spider species in Murfreesboro. 

  • Ants: Ants are another extremely common pest in Murfreesboro. Once they get inside, it can be hard to get rid of them. 

  • Earwigs: These pests have a creepy appearance and can be an indication that there is too much moisture in your house.

  • Wasps: Stinging insects tend to be a problem around your yard, but just because they don’t infest the inside of your house doesn’t mean you want them around.

No matter what pests you find in or around your Murfreesboro home or business, All-American Pest Control delivers effective services to eliminate and prevent them.


How much is pest control in Murfreesboro, TN?

Our Perimeter Plus Pest Control plan offers coverage for over 47 pests, three outdoor misting treatments for mosquitoes and other outdoor pests, a winter granule perimeter treatment, and more starting at  $39/month with an initial start-up fee. 

Our MosquitoMAX program includes all of the benefits of our Perimeter Plus Pest Control Program but with eight visits per year instead of four. These extra visits in the spring and summer provide more thorough protection to help with mosquito elimination. The monthly investment is usually around $20-24 more per month than our Perimeter Plus Pest Control Program.

Everyone needs termite protection in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. You can bundle in termite protection with the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System easily. The peace of mind knowing that you have a termite protection system in place backed by a trusted provider like All-American is priceless. 


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