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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1048 Reviews

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When you open up your pantry, what do you expect to find? Most people would expect to find uncontaminated food. However, this is not always the case for property owners here in Murfreesboro. Why? Pantry pests! Pantry pests include insects like Indian meal moths and beetles, and we’ll focus on the beetles here as there are quite a few species that show up in our dry goods. Read on as we share with you what methods work best to control active infestations on your Murfreesboro property. If you need immediate options for pest control in Murfreesboro to deal with beetles inside your home, call our team at All-American Pest Control. We have everything you need to quickly identify and address all invasive pests causing trouble in your kitchen.

The Types Of Beetles That Invade Kitchens And Pantries

Most types of beetles in Murfreesboro do not want to invade homes but prefer to live outdoors. But certain species lay their eggs inside boxes of stored dry food. Some common beetles that do this are drugstore beetles, grain beetles, and flour beetles, among others. The thing about these pests is that they do not have to come in from outside to invade your pantry. More often, beetle infestations are a result of their eggs being deposited at some point during the production or distribution process. We will talk more in a bit about how you can avoid beetles so that you don’t have to find them in your pantry.

The Problems That Pantry Beetles Can Cause

We have good news and bad news when it comes to pantry beetles. The good news is that you can technically eat these pests and not get sick. The bad news is that you can eat these pests and then find out after taking a bite. In short, beetles are a problem because no one wants to eat beetles! If you do not deal with these pests quickly, they can infest other food products in your pantry. This can be challenging to manage once things get out of hand. We have even heard of cases where people throw away their whole pantry only to find these pests again after they bring home more food. This is because they did not deal with the entire problem. We will discuss dealing with pantry pest beetles using DIY and professional options.

Tips for Preventing Pantry Beetles

Before we talk more about beetle removal, we think you should know some methods to avoid these pests in the first place. Here are some basic tips to follow:

  • Check expiration dates on your dry food products. Throw anything away that is expired.

  • Organize your pantry so you can practice First In First Out (FIFO), the same process used in your grocery store! Older products are placed in front, while newer products are placed in back.

  • Check boxes of food for damage and expiration dates before buying and bringing them home.

  • Store all of your dried foods inside air-tight glass or plastic containers.

  • Invest in pest-proof shelving for your pantry and keep it clean.

For help dealing with an existing infestation of beetles or other pantry pests, talk with our team about our pantry pest control.

Contact The Pros For The Best Beetle Control In Murfreesboro

If you are looking for pantry pest and beetle control in Murfreesboro, look no further than All-American Pest Control. We are a dedicated local pest control provider that works hard to provide unmatched services for members of our community. From beetle pest control to other forms of pest prevention and removal, we have everything you need.

Contact our team at All-American Pest Control now to learn more about pest control near you and get the help you need to deal with an active beetle problem in your Murfreesboro home.

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