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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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The carpet beetle can bring serious issues to your home and is at the top of the list for Hendersonville pest control. These insects invade our homes through small access points. When carpet beetles are in the house, they lay eggs on many of our possessions (including carpets and many other materials) and feed on them, causing a ton of damage.
Identifying infestations as early as possible and preventing them in the future is imperative to keeping your family and possessions safe from these creatures. Call us at All-American Pest Control for complete pest control service.

What Is Causing Carpet Beetles To Enter My Home

Carpet beetles are often 3/16 of an inch or smaller and only require a small opening to enter the home through almost any space, such as: 

  • Open doors
  • Windows
  • Chimneys
  • Small cracks in the siding
  • Riding on cut flowers brought into the house by the homeowner

The adult carpet beetle is attracted to light and often enters the home in one of several ways to locate a proper breeding ground for its offspring. Our homes are full of such hospitable materials, ranging from carpets to furs to furniture. Protect your home and call All-American Pest Control.

Do Carpet Beetles Only Infest Carpets?

Although they are called carpet beetles, they infest far more than just carpets. Most of the time, you won't find carpet beetles in carpets. You can have a carpet beetle infestation even if you do not have carpet.
In addition to carpets and rugs, you will often find carpet beetles in animal-based materials. Aside from carpets, this often includes, but is not limited to, these hosts: wool, leather, fur, horns, feathers, and silk. If these materials are not sealed off and are left untouched and uncleaned for prolonged periods, you should inspect them for possible carpet beetle infestations.
If you have a carpet beetle infestation, you will have carpet beetle larvae in your home. Items may already contain carpet beetles in the larval stage, and in this stage, they crawl on these surfaces, shedding and feeding on them as they develop. Often, as a result, you will find carpet beetle skin on your furniture and other such items. The damage they leave behind often results in ruined items.

Do Carpet Beetles Have Wings?

Carpet beetles, in adulthood, do have fully formed wings and are capable of flight. It can take up to or sometimes more than a full year for carpet beetles to reach maturity. Once they reach this stage, they often live for only a few months. 
While the damage done by these pesky creatures exists throughout the lifecycle, during adulthood, they can cover a considerable amount of space in the home, flying about as they feed on your household possessions such as furniture, carpet, mattresses, fur coats, and much more. Now is the time to call All-American Pest Control to safeguard your home and belongings.

Carpet Beetle Control And Removal In Hendersonville

Carpet beetles in your Hendersonville home are all too common. However, there are several actions you can take to reduce the ease of their ability to enter the house:

  • Install window screens.
  • Keep doors closed.
  • Repair cracks in the exterior.
  • Keep animal-based fabrics and items clean.
  • Wash fabrics to remove food and sweat stains.

If you have observed a carpet beetle infestation, you should contact our service professionals at All-American Pest Control for prompt assistance.
Don’t wait. Call us today for a free home evaluation. At All-American Pest Control, we offer carpet beetle solutions and bundle offers for more significant savings.

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