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Carpet Beetles

What are carpet beetles?

carpet beetles in franklin tennessee

Carpet beetles are a pest that can do damage to clothing, carpets, and stored fabrics located inside your home.

They are a common pest with three species being most often identified: the varied carpet beetle, the common carpet beetle, and the furniture carpet beetle. 

All three are about the same size, ranging in length from 1/8 – 3/16 of an inch; they are shaped similar to a ladybug and will have different color patterns on their wings depending on the species. All stages of development can be found in your home: egg, larvae, pupae, and/or adult. 

Are carpet beetles dangerous?

Carpet beetles do not bite and are not considered to be dangerous to humans or pets, but are dangerous to your personal property. Carpet beetles will damage carpets, furniture, and clothing and they can become a major nuisance in your home. While rare, some people have had reactions when coming into direct contact with the bristles of carpet beetle larvae. Effective pest control in Middle Tennessee can help you get rid of these pesky bugs.

Why do I have a carpet beetle problem?

You might not have a carpet beetle problem actually. Bed bugs are often mistaken for carpet beetles so it's imperative that these insects are properly identified. That being said, carpet beetles generally enter homes from the outside while foraging for food. Adults will enter into homes through openings in foundations, holes in screens, utility entrances, and underneath doorways. Once inside they will feed on items like wool carpets and rugs, furs, stuffed animals, human and pet hair, and leather book bindings; they will also consume dried and silk plants and products.

How do I get rid of carpet beetles?

Eliminating carpet beetles from your home can be a difficult process; at the first signs of their presence, the affected items in your home should be laundered, vacuumed, or cleaned appropriately to remove whatever life stage of the beetle is infesting the item. This should be followed up by professional treatment for carpet beetles using the appropriate pesticides. At All-American Pest Control we can help to eliminate and prevent carpet beetles with our Perimeter Pest Control Program.


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Can I do it myself?

Homeowners can help eradicate a carpet beetle infestation by cleaning the items in their home that are currently showing signs of infestation. But the best way to completely eliminate a carpet beetle infestation is by getting help from Nashville pest control professionals. If you need help getting rid of carpet beetles in your home contact All-American Pest Control today.

Why choose All-American Pest Control?

In business for over 50 years, we have the experience to identify and control whatever is bugging you. Our trained pest control professionals are committed to solving pest problems no matter what the pest or how severe. If you're worried about carpet beetles, schedule your free home evaluation!

How can I prevent a carpet beetle problem in the future?

To prevent carpet beetles from coming into your home, make sure that gaps around doors and windows are sealed, screens are completely intact, and that cracks in your foundation are sealed. Routine vacuuming and cleaning will also help to prevent carpet beetle infestations from overtaking your home.

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