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There are around 350,000 described species of beetles in the world. As you can probably imagine, they share some characteristics but they're not all the same. Today, we're going to take a look at some of the ways beetles can present a problem for Brentwood residents and offer up some tips to help you keep beetles out.

Beetle Varieties

This is by no means an exhaustive list. It is meant to give you an idea of the incredible variety of beetles we have in our Brentwood service area. 

  • Some beetles have no interest in getting into Brentwood homes.

  • Some beetles get into homes and immediately head to the pantry. Pantry pests such as the cigarette beetle, drugstore beetle, and flour beetle aren't considered a health threat but they can ruin foods simply by getting inside. Who wants to eat food with bugs?

  • Some beetles eat wood. If wood-boring beetles target your home, they can do a number on your hardwood floors or structural timbers.

  • Some beetles eat your clothes. If carpet beetles get into your Brentwood home, they can put holes in your favorite clothing items, valuable keepsakes, carpets, furniture, drapes, and more.

  • Some beetles bite. The blister beetle will not only bite but administer cantharidin which causes human skin tissue to blister.

  • Some beetles damage your lawn. The larvae of Japanese beetles, called white grubs, can damage the roots of your turfgrass and create ugly brown patches in your lawn.

Beetle Prevention

There are many ways you can guard against the problems that Brentwood beetles pose. Let's go down through them in the same order as they appear above.

  • Beetles that don't have any interest in getting inside your home can be kept out by sealing exterior entry points. This will also help to keep out most of the other beetles. Fix damaged screens. Seal gaps around pipes. Replace old weatherstripping. Install door sweeps on doors that don't have them. Cover vents with screen material.

  • Beetles that get into your pantry can be deterred by storing your pantry foods in sealed containers. This keeps food smells in and pantry beetles out.

  • Beetles that eat wood are attracted to high humidity and moisture. You can deter them by addressing critical issues, such as clogged or broken gutters and plumbing leaks.

  • Also, store campfire wood and wood scraps well away from your exterior and make sure that any lumber you purchase is kiln-dried.

  • Beetles that eat your clothing, carpets, and fabrics can become a serious problem when they find a wasp nest in your wall voids. Do routine inspections of your exterior and look for wasps going in and out of your home through gaps or cracks. When you detect wasps, contact a licensed service professional to have the issue addressed.

  • Blister beetles are drawn to gardens. If you have a garden and these beetles start showing up, consult a licensed professional regarding control options.

  • Japanese beetles can be deterred by removing unwanted vegetation. This removes a food source and preferred hiding places. If you have a grub problem, or higher-than-normal Japanese beetle pressures, seek the assistance of a service professional.

When You Need Help

Remember that the service team here at All-American Pest Control is always standing by to help you get appropriate solutions to your pest problems. No matter what kind of beetles you're dealing with, our service team members can guide you toward the right solution. If you live in Brentwood, reach out to us today to schedule service or to get answers to your questions. We're here to help

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