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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1056 Reviews

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This blog was originally published February 1st, 2019 and has been updated to reflect more detailed information for you!

Pest control in the South is all about year-round prevention. Just because we may not see as many pests in the colder months doesn’t mean they aren’t present. In fact, rodents are most active in and around our homes during the winter, and many insect pests like boxelder bugs, wasps, and stink bugs use our homes as hibernation shelters until it’s warm enough to be outside again! 

Did you know? The barriers we create around your home to ward off pests break down over time, which is why we visit you throughout the year. Some reasons for this break-down include:

  • Sunlight and UV rays

  • Microbes in the soil

  • Soil type around your home

  • Temperature

  • Moisture

  • Weather

At All-American, we understand pests, which is why all of our programs cater to year-round prevention. Not only that, we stay up-to-date on our industry to make sure we are providing you with the best service for your homes and businesses. 

Quick Tips for Pest Preventions

  • Pests like springtails, earwigs, and outdoor cockroaches are drawn to moisture. If you see conditions around or inside your home or crawl space that promote dampness or high humidity, address them as quickly as possible.

  • Other pests such as pill bugs, termites, millipedes, and ants are drawn to wood and wood debris. If you have any scrap wood under your deck or patio, inside a crawl space under your home, or buried in your yard, it’s a good idea to have them removed from your property.

  • Many moths, flies, and beetle species are drawn to light. Keeping lights off at night or replacing white LED bulbs with less-attractive yellow or dimmer LED bulbs can have a big impact on the number of pests in and around your Murfreesboro home. Not only will it cut down on the insects, but it will reduce the spiders and other pests that eat those insects. Keep in mind: when setting up light traps inside the home to catch the occasional flying pest, keep the light against a wall where it won’t be seen at night through doors and windows where pests attracted to light can squeeze through!

  • Many animals, from tiny flies to sneaky raccoons, can get into trash. It is important to keep exterior trash in sealed receptacles and to clean those receptacles routinely to cut down on smells that attract all sorts of pests.

  • Subterranean termites are a serious threat to properties in Murfreesboro. It is wise to get an annual termite inspection, at the very least.

More on Seasonal Pests

Overwintering is a term that refers to how insects survive the cold winter months. From about late early October to early March, you may see random appearances from stink bugs, cluster flies, lady beetles, and other pests that have gotten into the cracks and crevices around your home seeking warmth.   

In the spring, overwintering pests emerge and begin to build nests and colonies. Ants are in abundance. Termite swarmers take to the air. And everything seems to come back to life in Tennessee.

By May or June, pest activity is back in full swing. You’ll find ants, spiders, crickets, fleas, ticks and more both outside and sometimes inside your home.

July and August are busy months for brown recluse spiders, mosquitoes, yellow jackets and other wasps. This is the peak season for outdoor pests.

By late August, many insects have finished the last of their egg-laying in preparation for the colder months ahead, when the final generation of emerged adults start looking for places to hide from the cold.

Each season has its own pest issues, and some pests don't have a season at all! Given the right conditions; especially if they are in a comfortable, consistent temperature inside, some pests such as small flies, German roaches, or silverfish can be a problem 365 days a year.

The Best Tip of All

Year-round pest control from a qualified pest control company is the best way to protect your health and property from the many pests in Tennessee. We hope you'll consider All-American Pest Control for your home pest control needs. Our Murfreesboro pest control service team is one of the best in the industry. With All-American, you'll get professional, on-time service, with a smile, every time.


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