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It isn't fun to have flies in your home. But, some are worse than others. Today, we're going to look at fruit flies and house flies and see which one of these two pests is a bigger bother.

Why Fruit Flies Are A Problem

When fruit flies appear in your Nashville home, they can start to appear in large numbers. While they're only ⅛ of an inch long, their large numbers can make them very visible and annoying. This is made worse by the fact that they are attracted to carbon dioxide in the air and will draw close to your face when you walk through them. You may even inhale one. That's always fun. Fortunately, they are not considered a high threat for illness. 

Why House Flies Are A Problem

House flies may not always come into your home in large numbers, but it only takes one house fly to drive you crazy. House flies make an annoying buzz and they tend to be much larger than fruit flies—topping out at about ¼ of an inch. They're also drawn to land on your food and on your body. Not only can house flies annoy you, but they can also make you sick with stomach illness. Studies have shown that they can spread more than 65 diseases. This is likely because their babies (which are called maggots) are born in rotting organic matter or feces.

Which Is Worse?

If we only consider their ability to annoy us and cause stomach illness, we may conclude that the house fly is the clear winner. But house flies don't do well inside Nashville homes. It is hard for a house fly to find a usable breeding site in most homes because what they lay their eggs in is so stinky. Fruit flies often can easily reproduce inside. This allows them to drive us crazy for a longer period of time. This is a good reason to say they're the most bothersome of the two.

One More Factor To Consider

When you have trouble with house flies, there are a few things you can do to get control of them and prevent future issues. You can:

  • Repair your screens.

  • Seal exterior holes.

  • Clean your exterior trash receptacles.

  • Make sure trash is removed weekly.

  • And remove other exterior attractants.

It is much more difficult to prevent fruit fly infestations. While these flies can come in from the outside, it is far more likely that an infestation will begin with a piece of produce. Fruit flies lay their tiny eggs on fruits and vegetables. When you bring these into your home, it can be difficult to tell that you're about to have an infestation. This might be a factor in determining which of these two pests are most bothersome to you.

How To Address Bothersome Pests In Nashville

When you have trouble with flies inside your Nashville home, you can count on the service team at All-American Pest Control to help you resolve your issues. We don't just provide Perimeter PLUS pest control to keep pests out of Nashville homes, we provide services to eliminate pest activity inside homes as well.

If you're having trouble with Nashville pests, reach out to All-American Pest Control and tell us about your pest problem. Most often, we can give you a quote right over the phone. If we can't, we'll send a friendly service professional right to your Nashville home to check things out for you. Our service professionals are highly trained and experienced in pest management and they apply industry-leading strategies to get control of pests. We can help.