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February 21, 2019

fruit flies eating fruit

Why Do I Still Have Fruit Flies in My Home?

It's still a little chilly outside. So it can be a bit of a mystery if you're seeing fruit flies zipping around inside your Spring Hill home. You know those flies didn't come in from the outside. But fruit flies… Read More

August 7, 2017

fruit fly on orange

How Fruit Flies Get Into Your Home

There is nothing quite like a fruit fly infestation. It can almost seem like magic when an infestation rears its ugly head, especially if you think all of those flies are coming in from the outside. But, a fruit fly… Read More

February 8, 2017

fruit fly on fruit

Shoo-Fly! Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In My Kitchen

When a fruit fly infestation begins, you may not even notice. It begins with a few, tiny, red-eyed flies zipping around in your kitchen. But, if you've ever had a fruit fly infestation or, worse, you're dealing with… Read More

February 5, 2015

image of a fruit fly

How To Keep Fruit Flies Out Of Your Kitchen

We have all had those tiny flies buzzing around our kitchens. It seems like they appear out of nowhere and multiply in the blink of an eye. These tiny little fruit flies are tan in color and about 3mm in size. They… Read More

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