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If you’re struggling with drain flies in your Hendersonville home, you may be searching the internet for things like ‘drain flies removal’ and ‘what repels flies the most effectively.’ Fortunately, you can save stress and time by reading our best drain fly prevention tips and the top drain fly control advice of pest control in Hendersonville.

Where Do Drain Flies Come From?

Drain flies are a small gnat-like insect that feeds on organic material in damp areas or places with a significant stagnant pool of water. This is where they get their name, as drains tend to have buildups of organic matter that this fly will find itself feeding on and breeding in. A drain fly infestation can start with just one or two flies coming inside from outdoors as they pursue the aroma of organic matter buildups in which they can live. Reducing stagnant pools of water and this organic matter can result in a lower likelihood of this fly invading your home.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Drain Flies?

It can be challenging to get rid of drain flies because this pest is very prolific and reproduces quickly. This means that just a couple of drain flies can soon become a widespread, hard to control infestation. What’s more, this pest is quite adaptable and hardy – they can survive in moist, humid areas and are almost impervious to almost any temperature of water they encounter. When hot water is poured down a drain to eliminate this pest, the scales on their wings simply shed and leave behind a residue, with the flies mainly being unbothered.

The best way to kill flies that have moved into your home is to contact All-American Pest Control for fly control assistance.

Five Tips To Deter Drain Flies

Learning what repels flies is a great way to deter this pest from invading your Hendersonville home in the first place. The below natural remedies for flies can help you control this pest:

  1. Continually clean drains, such as those in kitchen and bathroom sinks. You can use a thin scrubbing brush to remove any buildup from the sides of the drain.
  2. Utilize drain cleaners to reach further into the drains that a scrubbing tool can reach. This can help eliminate the buildup that attracts drain flies.
  3. Prevent food and organic waste from making it down drains by using a strainer in sinks and bathtubs. This helps stop buildup from occurring.
  4. Address leaks and moisture issues around your home that may be resulting in excess pools of moisture. You especially want to eliminate these in kitchens, basements, and bathrooms where drain flies prefer to live.
  5. Stop drain flies from entering your home in the first place by putting in sturdy window and door screens and keeping exterior entrances closed as often as possible.

How To Get Rid Of Drain Flies In Hendersonville For Good

If you want to know how to get rid of drain flies for good, you should be reaching out to the best way to kill flies – professional pest control. Our experts at All-American Pest Control can provide you with in-depth inspections and effective treatments that will ensure that all drain flies will be eliminated from your home. Combine this professional treatment with prevention tactics, and your property can be protected from drain fly infestations year-round.

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