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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Why Green Pest Control Is The Best Choice For Your Brentwood Property

Lots of businesses in Brentwood have gone green. What does this mean? They may have replaced equipment that burns fossil fuels with machines that use renewable energy sources, like the sun. They may have replaced incandescent lights with LED lights to conserve electricity from the grid. Or they may have stopped sending out paper bills in the mail and turned to online invoicing. There are many ways to go green. Companies that do this aren't just concerned about the environment; they do it because it is smart and saves them money. Okay. That's great, but what does going green with your Brentwood pest control mean? Is it the same thing? Does green pest control save you money? What are the benefits and disadvantages? Join us as we tackle the topic of green pest control. Our goal is to arm you with the data you need so that you can decide if green pest control is the best choice for your Brentwood property. How does that sound? Great! Let's get right into it.

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What Is Green Pest Control? 

Green pest control in Brentwood uses products and methods that are derived from natural sources or that do not harm the environment. Going green isn't a big leap when you have All-American Pest Control as your pest service provider. You're already mostly green, but maybe you don't know this. Our service professionals use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to solve pest problems for our customers. IPM relies heavily on green solutions and integrates several layers to get the best protection possible. Spider management is a great example.

  • We work to keep spiders out of your home by removing spider webs and egg sacs. A single egg sac can have hundreds of baby spiders in it. Fewer spiders on your property will result in fewer spiders trying to get inside. Removing spider webs also deters spiders from creating webs. No self-respecting spider will want to do the hard work of creating a web on your home if its webs keep getting destroyed.  
  • We reduce the food sources that attract spiders, namely other pests. Spiders want to be near food sources. They are hunters. So reducing insects will help to reduce spider populations even more. How do we do this? One example is that we may knock down wasp nests that are forming. Spiders eat wasps. Many all-natural methods work to control insects around your home. There are also all-natural products, like sticky traps, that address insect populations without using control materials.
  • We seal potential entry points in your exterior to create physical barriers that keep spiders out. While it is impossible to exclude spiders completely, these exclusions add another layer.
  • We make recommendations that work to reduce spider activity further. Your service professional may let you know that a trash receptacle is attracting flies and that flies are food for spiders, or that your gutters are clogged and damp conditions are attracting more spider food.  

Do you see how it works? IPM integrates several methods to achieve the level of protection needed. But these layers don't provide complete exclusion on their own. It is necessary to apply control materials. The products used in IPM are limited and targeted. They're also appropriate for the zones to which they are applied. While our carefully selected and appropriately applied synthetic materials are harmless to children, pets, wildlife, and untargeted organisms, some customers prefer organically derived products. We get it. For this reason, we created Green Choice Pest Control.

What is Green Choice Pest Control? It looks a lot like our other programs. We use many of the same products and methods, such as spider web and wasp nest removal or the 100 percent all green Sentricon System with Always Active. The big difference is that we swap out synthetic materials and use plant-oil and borate-based materials instead. Every spray we apply around your home will be all-natural and completely organic. Is this the right solution for you? Let's look at the pros and cons.

The Pros Of Going Green

Our Green Choice Pest Control customers love their pest control. It is comforting to know that every product used is plant-based or borate-based. If you're not familiar with these, here are a few facts you should know:

  • Plant-based products are oils derived from leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds. These oils are commonly called essential oils. They contain lipids. In a recent study, researchers discovered that lipids prevent bed bugs from staying on humans, one of many examples of how natural products can prevent pest issues. Some plant-based oils contain insect growth regulators, which disrupt insect development. Some natural products repel insects. Others prevent them from living on your property. How natural are they, and how do they impact human health? Many of these plant-based oils are food and food products. It doesn't get any more natural than that!  
  • Borate is a white, powdery substance that has no odor. Boron, the element in borate power, is a commonly occurring element in nature. Many products you commonly use have borate powder, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, laundry detergent, and cosmetics. People use it in toothpaste! You don't have to worry about this product being dangerous when used to address carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and other wood-damaging pests.  

Are naturally derived products important to you? If so, you'll love Green Choice Pest Control. These products add that last layer of protection needed to complete your integrated barrier and work to keep most pests out of your Brentwood home.

Are There Any Cons To Green Pest Control?

There is a downside to every good thing. Natural products don't last as long as synthetically derived products. We'll have to visit you more often to keep your barrier active. Because we have to visit your home more often, we have to charge more. But it is well worth the money if you prefer to have plant-based and borate-based treatments.

There is a little more bad news. It takes greater effort to get certain pests out and keep them out, such as German cockroaches and certain ant species. There are also some outdoor pests that green pest control doesn't work to control very well, such as mosquitoes. For these pests, we may need to use a more traditional approach. That's just how it is. But, it isn't all bad news. Naturally derived products keep getting better and better. There may be a time in the not-too-distant future when we won't need to turn to synthetic products anymore. You can be sure that All-American Pest Control will adopt those products when that day comes. We are always on the lookout for the most eco-friendly pest control solutions.

The bottom line for green pest control is whether or not it can keep out the pests you want to keep out. If you start to have trouble with pests in Brentwood and your green pest control isn't enough to keep them out, we will suggest a method that will get the job done and explain to you how we will apply the products so that you know we are making every effort to guard your health. Some pests require more effort to control. To learn more about our green pest control including residential and commercial pest control services in Brentwood, reach out to us today! 

All-American Pest Control: Green Pest Control In Brentwood

The foundation of Green Choice Pest Control is Integrated Pest Management, a methodology we use for all of our pest control service programs. At the heart of Integrated Pest Management is science. 

Our service professionals use the science of entomology to consider insect behavior patterns, conducive conditions, potential breeding sites, and routes they use to get into your home. 
The manufacturers of the professional-grade products we use apply chemistry and biology to impact insect and invertebrate development. These manufacturers are also exploring all-natural plant-based and borate-based pest control solutions.

Along with science, we use good old-fashioned carpentry skills to seal entry points and sweep down spider webs and wasp nests that we can reach. We integrate layer upon layer and create a management solution that works to keep pests out. 

If green pest control is important to you, Green Choice Pest Control is a great option for all-natural pest control in Brentwood. Plus, when you choose All-American Pest Control for your residential or commercial pest control service, you know that we have you covered if you need more control than your green pest control can provide.

What do you think? Are you ready to go green? If you are, the next step is easy. Please navigate to our contact page and drop us a line. We'll have one of our friendly service team members get back to you and schedule your first service visit. 

We look forward to guiding you toward the perfect pest management solution for your home or business. Who knows; your future may look green! But, even if it doesn't, you'll always trust our service team to provide you with services that meet the highest standards and are the most environmentally friendly. At All-American Pest Control, we're tough on bugs—not the environment!    


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