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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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There are many bugs and wild animals that enter Tennessee homes when temperatures drop. Many of them you won't even realize are there. Insects, like the wasp, will tuck themselves into an eave, soffit, or piece of siding, and not make a single peep all winter long. Some get in and make themselves a nuisance, like the stink bug. But, some winter pests do damage when they get into homes. These are the pests we're going to focus on.

Lady Bugs and Boxelder Bugs

These are the truest of overwintering pests. Neither of these insects can survive in the environment of most homes. They only come in to escape the cold. But, when they come in, they are more than just a nuisance pest. These insects can stain curtains, wallpaper, bedding, rugs, and other fabrics and paper products with their excretions. It is even worse if you accidentally step on one.


Most ants are not going to hurt your home or your belongings. But, if you're seeing large black, or reddish black, ants this warm, wet, winter, you may want to take a closer look. Carpenter ants are destructive pests that are drawn to areas of a home that are moist--or damaged from moisture. When these insects get in, they can be destructive.

Carpet Beetles

While their name suggests that carpet beetles come in to eat our carpets, this is not actually as true as it once was. When this insect was named, carpets were made out of natural fibers like wool. Now they are made out of synthetic material. So, when carpet beetles get in, they will target anything made of wool, leather, fur, silk, hair, and other natural fibers. If you have a pet that sheds, carpet beetles will love your home.

Clothing Moths

Clothing moths can enter your home any time of year, but the cold is a strong motivator. If you're seeing moths fluttering around in your home this winter, it is a good idea to get those moths properly identified. If they are clothing moths, their offspring (tiny pale caterpillars) are probably eating a hole in something important. While their name implies that they only eat clothing, this is not the case. They can eat carpets, curtains, sofa cushions, and other items that are made from natural fabrics.


These tiny, teardrop-shaped insects are mostly a moisture pest, but low temperatures will drive them inside. When they get in, they can eat many things you probably don't want them to eat, such as important documents, photos, wallpaper, books, and other things made from paper.


While not specifically an overwintering pest, rodents do get into man-made structures when it is cold outside. When they do, they spread harmful bacteria from trashcans to dishes, silverware, stored foods, and food prep areas. These creatures come and go as they please, so even if you have all of your interior trash sealed and protected, they can still bring filth in from outside.

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