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Clothes Moths

There are two types of clothes moths that will commonly infest Tennessee homes and they include the casemaking clothes moth and the webbing clothes moth.  The larval stage of these insects is the caterpillar and they are the culprit for any damage you find inside your home. The adult clothes moth is approximately half an inch in length and a yellowish-tan color. The larvae are also about a half inch in length and are white with brown or black heads. The casemaking clothes moth larvae will spin a protective case out of silk and other materials that usually blend in with the fabric they are feeding on, so damage isn’t immediately noticed until a hole or bare spot is created.  


Are clothes moths dangerous? 

Clothes moths are not dangerous to your health but they can cause problems for your personal belongings, including clothing and furniture. Because the larvae eat natural materials that include wool, you can find them destroying carpeting, clothing, upholstered furniture, rugs, blankets, comforters, brushes, furs, piano felts and any other natural or synthetic fabrics that are mixed with wool. When they feed, they ingest the material, causing there to be holes or bare spots in the fabric. 

Why do I have a clothes moth problem? 

Clothes moths like the dark, so if you have clothing or items that are stored in dark areas and have been undisturbed for awhile, you could have clothes moths. They do not like artificial lighting, so you may see them dart into dark corners if you turn on a light in an area where they are infesting. They can also be brought into your home on other infested items made of natural materials, including old clothing, furniture and rugs. 

How do I get rid of clothes moths? 

Getting rid of clothes moths on your own can be challenging because it can be difficult to locate all the infested areas. The best way to get rid of clothes moths is to contact a professional exterminator when an infestation is discovered. 

Can I do it myself? 

Most do-it-yourself treatments for clothing moth control are not suggested, as most chemicals you can buy at your local hardware store aren’t suitable for use on fabrics. Preventative measures like washing clothing and vacuuming can eliminate some of the moths but may have no effect on the larvae that are actually causing the damage.  Contacting All-American Pest Control for clothes moth control will help in identifying infected areas and eradicating this pest. 

Why choose All-American Pest Control? 

Having clothes moths in your home can be very stressful and the professionals at All-American Pest Control know you shouldn’t have to deal with that. That is why we offer effective pest control in Middle Tennessee that is certain to rid your home of pests, including clothes moths.  We are very dedicated to the people of this area and with over 50 years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to meet and exceed your expectations for our services. 

How can I prevent a clothes moth problem in the future? 

There are several clothes moth prevention tips we can offer home and business owners in Middle Tennessee.  The first and most important factor in preventing clothes moths and other pests is sanitation. Keep your home vacuumed regularly and free from accumulating lint, dust, fur and hair. At least once a year go through all of your closets and drawers and do a deep clean, vacuuming and removing any lint that clothes moth larvae may feed on (make sure to empty vacuum bags outdoors after cleaning). Before storing garments, make sure they are clean and that no food, beverage, perspiration or urine stains remain.  If you have furs, have them professionally cleaned before storing. Storing items in cold storage (below 40°F) can help prevent active infestations from destroying your belongings. Following these prevention tips may prevent some clothes moths from destroying your belongings, but these methods aren’t fool proof. Call All-American Pest Control today for more information on clothes moth control or our pest control services in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee.


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