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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1055 Reviews

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How often do you think about fleas? Most people do not pay these pests any mind until they have to deal with an active infestation. Struggling to remove these bugs from your pet’s fur and your living areas can be a nightmare. If you suspect fleas are currently living inside your Hendersonville home or are in your yard or crawlspace, take some time today to learn more about these pests. For immediate assistance with pest problems on your property, call our team at All-American Pest Control. We will offer options for pest control in Hendersonville that will directly meet your pest control needs.

How To Tell If Your Home Has A Flea Infestation

Fleas are relatively easy to identify. If you have pets, watch their behavior. If you see them scratching or biting their fur excessively, they might be infested with these pests. Check for live fleas, flea dirt, and flea larvae by using a flea comb. If you do not have pets but have noticed tiny marks on your skin, check carpets, clothing, and anything that resembles fur around your home for these signs. If you need help spotting signs of fleas, let our team at All-American Pest Control visit you. We will thoroughly inspect your property for any signs of infestation and let you know what we find. 

How Fleas Can Be Harmful To Both People And Pets

If there is anything you need to consider about fleas, it is that these pests can be dangerous. Despite their small size, these insects can spread real diseases with their bites. Some of these diseases are dangerous for your pets and have potential to cause you and your family members harm. A few of the most common diseases fleas spread are murine typhus, bubonic plague, and tularemia. The only good news is that these pests are not born dangerous. They have to bite an infected human or animal to pick up a harmful sickness. That said, you need to do your best to avoid fleas on your property and keep them out of your home at all costs. Let’s talk about some options for flea prevention and how to deal with these pests if they get indoors.

Easy And Effective Flea Prevention Tips For Your Home

Removing fleas from your home is challenging. Keeping these pests away in the first place is less difficult. Here are some easy and effective options to avoid an infestation in Hendersonville.

  • Vacuum frequently. If you see a flea in your home, know that the majority of their population is in the form of eggs, larvae, and pupae (cocoons). Vacuuming ensures you are eliminating most of the population.

  • Install a fence around your property to keep out wildlife that may be carrying fleas.

  • Keep your grass trimmed short and your yard clutter-free so it’s easier to spot an infestation.

  • Seal gaps and holes around your home’s exterior to prevent fleas from getting inside.

  • Remove food from your property that might attract flea-carrying wildlife.

  • Make sure your pets have some form of flea prevention.

For more help deterring these pests, consider investing in a year-round pest control plan for your home. A pest professional can point out active and potential pest issues and offer helpful advice and treatment.

The Best Way To Completely Eliminate A Flea Infestation

Combating fleas inside your home is no easy task. Your best option is to call in our team of professionals to make sure that these pests get and stay out. All-American Pest Control is a local and trusted provider that offers many options to deal with all sorts of pests, including fleas. Let us visit you to assess the condition of your infestation and provide a quick solution to handle the problems you are facing.

Reach out to All-American Pest Control now to find your best solution to flea problems in Hendersonville.

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