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Stinging insects in Nashville cause problems for residents during summer when they’re most active, with wasps among the most common and troublesome. Wasps do not damage properties or spread illnesses, but their stings can be painful, and some people are allergic to their venom. While most species aren’t aggressive, and many are considered pollinators, they will absolutely sting to protect their nests. Nashville pest control professionals can help you avoid these stings. Keep reading to learn about wasps and how to keep them from your Nashville property.

What Attracts Wasps to Certain Homes?

When wasps invade properties, it’s likely because residents are providing attractants. These pests are searching for flowers that provide nectar, spilled sugary liquids or protein-packed foods left outside, and shelter to build their nests. Some common wasp attractants include:

  • Fruit
  • Bright colors
  • Sweet scents
  • Flower patterns
  • Safe, protected areas

These pests are attracted to bright colors and sweet scents because they mimic the characteristics of flowers. Wasps also need carbs and protein in their diet just like us, which they sometimes find in the form of our food if it’s left out at a picnic or BBQ!

How Homeowners Can Reduce Their Risk of Wasp Stings

Wasp stings can be painful and potentially dangerous, so keeping them at a safe distance away from where you work and play is best. Some wasp prevention tips for your Nashville property:

  • Remove food and drinks after eating outside
  • Cover trash cans with a lid
  • Close cracks and crevices in your home
  • Repair or replace screens on windows and doors
  • Call your local pest control company when you see a nest on or nearby your home

Since wasps are likely to sting if their nest is threatened or disturbed, you should respectfully stay away from these creatures. Keep in mind, wasps like yellow jackets are ground nesters, so homeowners need to be aware of not just what’s building on the home, but any holes that appear in the lawn. Even if you remove the nest, they can rebuild it if you don’t eliminate the entire colony. Pest control technicians are trained to identify wasp nests in the yard and around your property and can alert you if they find any. Wasp control in Nashville involves removing wasp nests around your property to keep these pests away. 

How To Avoid Getting Stung

Now that you know how to keep wasps away from your property, how can you keep them from stinging? Mimicking characteristics of flowers can cause them to be attracted to you, and they may sting if swatted at. You want to remain calm if a wasp is nearby and give them as much space as possible. Some tips to avoid wasp stings include:

  • Avoid flowery or fruit-scented lotions, perfumes, and hair care products when spending time outside
  • Wear protective clothing while gardening
  • Stay calm and still when wasps are around
  • Use a fly swatter instead of your hand
  • Call your local pest control company to take down any visible wasp nests

These tips are usually easy to follow, but they might be less effective if the nest is around your garage or under your eaves. Some nests are small and in corners, so you might not even know they’re there. Wasp removal professionals can inspect these commonly infested spaces to find and remove the nests from your property.

What To Do If Wasps Are Stinging Around Your Nashville Property

Wasps are painful pests for Nashville residents. They’ll invade properties if they sense flowers are nearby and sting if they feel threatened. You can circumvent these problems by avoiding bright colors and sweet scents, but only professionals should handle the removal of their nests.

When you call All-American Pest Control for wasp nest removal in Nashville, our technicians will inspect common nesting areas to find their presence and attractants. We’ll remove the nests and eliminate the materials needed to build new ones. We use green products to protect your family and the environment, and our pest control services are fully guaranteed, so we’ll return to your property if the pests do.

Wasps will sting if you attempt to remove them, but wasp control experts can help. Call us to learn about our wasp control services and how we can solve other pest problems around your home.

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