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Flies are common pests that exist throughout the world in more than 100,000 different species, with roughly 18,000 found in North America. Despite having a rather short life span, flies proliferate rapidly; therefore, relatively minor intrusions could quickly develop into a full-blown infestation that becomes unmanageable. Flies are known for carrying diseases acquired as they venture through trash, piles of compost, or excrement.

Are you a homeowner wondering how to get rid of flies in your house? Avoid choosing the various do-it-yourself home treatment options sold by local retailers, as most of these options prove ineffective and frustrating. A local Mt. Juliet pest control company understands the behavior of the various types of small flies in this region and knows the best way to keep flies away from the premises.

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Flies

Some of the most problematic types of flies in this area include bottle flies, cluster flies, fruit flies, and house flies. Bottle flies are a large species that measures up to 5/8 of an inch and have a bluish-green appearance. Bottle flies usually infiltrate homes through small openings around windows or doors.

The common house fly measures roughly ¼ of an inch long and has a grey body with four black lines. House flies generally congregate near trash cans. Appearing similar to house flies, cluster flies are large—often reaching ½ of an inch long. Cluster flies most commonly enter homes in the fall as the weather cools.

As a common pest found in restaurants, grocery stores, homes, and other locations with fresh produce, fruit flies are small with red eyes. Fruit flies most commonly exist in kitchen areas near fruits and vegetables.

What kind of flies bite humans? One of the most common biting flies is horse flies (Tabanus spp.). As aggressive creatures, horseflies will bite their victim until they consume a blood meal. The bites are usually painful and might generate allergic reactions.

The Problems Flies Can Cause In Your Home

The majority of flies found in homes will not bite, yet, they are known carriers of more than 100 different health-related concerns, including salmonellosis and typhoid fever. Flies contaminate sources of food with germs and spread bacteria contained within their excrement.

Six Simple Yet Effective Tips To Keep Flies Out Of Your Home

Residents of Mt. Juliet who are seeking answers regarding what causes flies in the house should understand the common attractants and the best preventative measures, such as the following:

  • House flies will capitalize on opportunities to enter homes through torn or otherwise damaged window screens, weatherstripping, or exterior doors. 
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes out overnight, and promptly place leftovers in the refrigerator and other durable, sealed containers. 
  • Keep exterior doors and windows closed on cooler days, as warmer conditions draw flies indoors. 
  • Effectively manage trash containing food scraps both indoors and outdoors by placing all bags in durable, sealed garbage receptacles. 
  • Those with pets should remember the importance of promptly removing waste from yard areas. 
  • Place durable screens or mesh over external openings such as vents or gaps around utility line entryways.

Property owners that successfully prevent fly intrusions typically adopt several best practices that include limiting attractants, performing proper exterior maintenance tasks, and implementing exclusionary measures that limit points of possible entry.

The Best Way To Keep The Flies Out Of Your Home

The experts with All-American Pest Control receive training regarding the best methods of expelling the different types of flies that plague homes and businesses in this region. For safe and effective solutions involving flies and other pests that infiltrate homes, contact our professional home pest control team today regarding an onsite consultation and estimate.