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Wolf spiders are interesting arachnids. From their ability to hide in plain sight to how they communicate, they're really quite fascinating. They're also a common and lately increasing pest problem here in Middle Tennessee, which is why we decided a blog post about these eight legged creatures was timely. Read on to learn more about wolf spiders.

  1. Wolf spiders are the ‘chameleons’ of the spider world and are designed in such a way that their natural camo coloring and markings allow them to hide from their prey in plain sight – prey which includes mantis flies, hunting wasps, dogs, cats, and humans.

  2. Wolf spiders have 8 eyes; 2 very large eyes pointing forward, 4 tiny eyes just below them, and 2 smaller eyes on either side of the head. Their eyes, however, are fixed and cannot move like human eyes can so they must turn their bodies toward the noise or motion they are trying to view. Their eyes reflect light extremely well, and can seem to ‘glow’ at night when the light hits them. They have excellent eyesight and can see in 4 directions at once.

  3. Wolf spiders bite and have venom. This is typically how they paralyze their prey, but if you get too close for comfort, they will bite you. The bite from some in this species can be medically important, but typically it will only produce itching, redness, swelling, and pain.

  4. Wolf spiders can communicate by using sight, smell, and touch. They can even ‘talk’ to one another with a short purring sound that lasts only 1 second but can be heard up to 20 feet away. They will also rub their legs together to produce sound for communication.

  5. Wolf spiders don’t spin webs. They simply hide out and ambush their prey. They will even stalk their prey like lions and wolves do, which is where they get their name. They are nocturnal so they can typically be found hunting at night, but they can be active during daytime hours as well. These spiders eat insects and other spiders, but have been known to like bananas too.

  6. Wolf spiders are very fast runners. They can run up to 2 feet per second, which is pretty amazing since they are only around an inch in size.

  7. Wolf spiders carry their eggs around with them. Each egg sack can contain anywhere from 168-365 eggs that will typically hatch in June or July.

  8. The wolf spider’s main goal in life is to hunt, eat, and have babies.

  9. Wolf spiders can live anywhere. Literally. They can be found in homes, garages, woodlands meadows, and gardens. They can be found under rocks, in trash piles, and in grassy fields. They have been found on the slopes of high mountains and even in the sulfur rich craters of active volcanoes.

  10. Wolf spiders are often confused with tarantulas. While similar in appearance, especially due to the hairy features of the female, they are much smaller in size than a tarantula and it's important to note that they do come from different spider families.

Now that you know all about the wolf spider, there is just one more fact that you need. If you find that wolf spiders have invaded your home, it is certain that you will not want them to remain there. The most efficient way to keep wolf spiders out of your Middle Tennessee home is with year-round home pest control services from All-American Pest Control. Our friendly experts are trained on proper application of materials and know where these pests lurk and how they get inside. You can count on our team to set up a barrier of protection around your home that controls wolf spiders already moving in and around your home as well as follow up with regularly scheduled visits that will prevent future activity. Serving Nashville, Brentwood, and Hendersonville as well as communities throughout Middle Tennessee, please contact All-American Pest Control today to schedule your free home evaluation and be sure to ask us about the money-saving “Dave Ramsey Special.”

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