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How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Nashville Home

In wooded areas like Tennessee, spiders are difficult to keep out of anywhere. Understandably, having spiders everywhere is the thing of nightmares for many people, but you can probably guess why they stick around, especially in this area. Learn more about the benefits of spiders and what their presence means, and how to get rid of spiders with Nashville pest control.

a wolf spider in a basement

Why Spiders Invade Nashville Homes

There are a few reasons spiders invade homes in this area. The first reason is the most important. What many don't know about spiders is that they don't come inside to get warm or seek shelter. They have no need to. If you have spiders, they have come in because there's plenty of insect prey to eat. One of the benefits of spiders is that they keep the insect population down in and around your home. Unfortunately, spiders everywhere around your home indicate that they are performing free pest control for a bug problem you may not even know you have.

The second reason spiders invade homes is because of maintenance issues around the home. Cracks and holes around the exterior as well as broken window and door screens, among other issues, allow spiders and other bugs to crawl inside. The good news is that there are tangible things you can do to prevent this from happening.

The final reason spiders invade homes is that your yard or wooded backyard area also gives them plenty of hiding places to wait out their prey. Making your yard spider-free is a simple process, and it can make a huge difference in cutting down your insect prey population and reducing the number of spiders that wiggle their way indoors.

Why You Don't Want Spiders Hanging Around Your Nashville Home

Spiders in Tennessee are mostly harmless, but the two most dangerous spiders in the United States also live in Tennessee, and you don't want them inside your home. Common household spiders in the state range from the house spider to the scary but harmless wolf spider. While some of these spiders can and do bite, the only spiders likely to cause negative health effects in Nashville are black widows and brown recluses.

Part of the danger of having these two spiders around your home is that you aren't likely to know they're there until it's too late. They are both reclusive spiders that are only likely to bite when disturbed or harassed. Most bites from these spiders happen by accident, such as when you're moving boxes, in which they've chosen to make their home, from the attic or closet. Preventing a bite in these cases can be difficult. The final reason you don't want spiders in your home is that their presence indicates a bigger problem.

Natural & Effective Spider Prevention Tips For Hendersonville Homes

A big part of preventing spiders is preventing the bugs that attract them. As previously mentioned, this involves a great deal of home and yard maintenance. The good news is that these tips are easy to implement and can save you money and health risks in the long run:

  • Trim your yard regularly. Remove debris like piles of leaves, wood, trash, or lawn decorations.

  • Don't store piles of wood or other convenient hiding places like potted plants close to windows or doors.

  • Seal off cracks and holes around your home's exterior with silicone-based caulk.

  • Maintain door and window screens to be free of holes, and make sure doors and windows seal completely.

  • Store outdoor trash in a sealed container away from your home.

  • Vacuum and sanitize indoors frequently.

  • Declutter. If you must store things in boxes, use sealed plastic bins, not cardboard.

  • Use a sealed indoor trash container.

  • Store your food in glass or metal containers.

  • Don't leave dishes in the sink or food sitting out.

  • De-web inside and outside of your home regularly.

  • Don't leave your porch light on at night.

The Secret To Total Pest Control For Hendersonville Homes

Spiders in Tennessee are just doing what they do best by keeping the insect population down, but that doesn't mean they're welcome inside your home. To get rid of spiders, including the dangerous brown recluse and black widow, you can trust our service team members at All-American Pest Control. We can take care of the insect prey population that's drawing spiders in and treat your home for an existing spider problem.

With All-American Pest Control, our Nashville residential pest control service options can get you the protection you need against common household spiders and other pests at the right cost. Call All-American Pest Control today for your free estimate and to learn more about our services including our commercial pest control services in Nashville.


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