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How Dangerous Are The Wolf Spiders In Hendersonville?

Wolf spiders in Hendersonville are actually surprisingly docile. It is rare for one of these spiders to bite a human. But that doesn't mean you want to walk into your bedroom and find one of these big, hairy spiders sitting on the floor, nor do you want to step out of the shower and find one sitting on the mat where you're about to place your foot. No thanks! Wolf spiders may not be dangerous but they're definitely not welcome in Hendersonville homes. If you agree, we have a few ideas that can help you reduce the likelihood of an indoor encounter with help from the Henderson pest control professionals at All-American Pest Control, Inc.

spider in basement

Wolf Spiders Are Outdoor Spiders

Do you know that a wolf spider doesn't really want to be in your home? Your home does not contain a habitat that is ideal for a wolf spider. These spiders are accidental intruders. Here are a few reasons why a wolf spider might enter your home:

  • When conditions outside are unfavorable, wolf spiders can seek harborage inside man-made structures. One example of this is when temperatures begin to cool. While a wolf spider doesn't have too much of a problem with cold temperatures, the insects they eat can't survive in cold weather. When insects go into hiding, wolf spiders may follow.

  • When a wolf spider sees a crack in a foundation wall, chipped mortar on a brick home, or an area of rotted wood, these can attract the spider to get inside. Wolf spiders hide in ground holes, logs, piles of dead branches, tree cavities, and other places in nature. A gap, crack, or hole in your exterior can look like an entryway to one of these natural hiding places.

  • When a wolf spider happens upon an exterior door that does not have a sweep, it can go right underneath.

  • Wolf spiders are attracted to moisture and often come in through moisture points. If you have a pipe with a gap around it, you shouldn't be surprised when you find wolf spiders are using that gap to get into your home.

Before Wolf Spiders Get Inside

The best time to get control of wolf spiders is before they get into your Hendersonville home. There are a few ways you can deter wolf spider activity and reduce the chances that a wolf spider will accidentally enter your home in one of the ways we listed above.

  • Keep on top of yard work. A yard that is free of leaves, sticks, and other organic debris is going to be resistant to wolf spiders.

  • Move construction materials, scrap wood, fire pit wood, and other wood sources away from your exterior. Wolf spiders love to hide in these.

  • Move piled stones or bricks away from your exterior.

  • Fill in any ground holes, particularly in your landscaping.

  • Trim dense vegetation and remove unnecessary vegetation from your landscaping.

  • Remove yard clutter.

When Wolf Spiders Get Inside

It can be scary when these hairy spiders take up residence in your home by accident. You can find them in a box you grab out of storage, or have one startle you when you remove the top of a cooler you want to use for a picnic. You can see them when you go to grab something that rolled under the couch or when you move furniture from one location to another. They can hide underneath many things inside your home and jump you out of your skin when you see them. They can also appear right out in the open in places you least expect them to be. 

If Wolf Spiders Have Gotten Inside

When wolf spiders get into your home, they're not going to prefer to be in areas where you'll run into them. They gravitate to secluded spaces within your home, like attic spaces, storage areas, closets, your boiler room, your basement, an exterior storage room, or sheds. One way to make them go back outside into nature where they belong is to routinely vacuum or sweep secluded spaces in your home or in exterior storage spaces. If you continue to have spider sightings, consider putting glue traps down in these areas. This may be all that is necessary to address a wolf spider infestation. When more control is needed, it is best to contact a pest control provider such as All-American Pest Control.

If you live in Hendersonville, our service team can help you find the right solution for your wolf spider issue. We use Integrated Pest Management and industry-leading control methods to locate spider activity, treat target areas, and monitor the success of the treatments. Our process is scientific and our service team members are highly-trained and experienced professionals. There is no better way to get control of a wolf spider infestation in Hendersonville. Reach out to us today and speak with one of our agents to take the next step. We look forward to helping you resolve your wolf spider problem. Reach out today to get started, and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Hendersonville.


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