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Nashville Homeowners' Handy Guide To Wolf Spider Control

How much do you know about wolf spiders in Nashville? Are you aware that they are hairy spiders that range in size from ¼ to 1 ⅜ inches in length? Do you know that they have great eyesight and that they explore your property in search of prey? Fortunately, these hairy spiders don't consider us to be their prey. They're mostly harmless. But they can accidentally get into your Nashville home and startle you by appearing in unexpected places. If you'd prefer to have these icky spiders stay outside where they belong, here's a quick and handy guide to help keep them out with help from the Nashville pest control experts at All-American Pest Control, Inc.

wolf spider on a rock

Why Wolf Spiders Come Into Your Yard

There are many things that can attract wolf spiders to your property. They can be categorized as water, food, and hiding places. If you reduce these attractants, you can reduce spider activity around your home. This will result in a lower chance of infestation.
Water — Water is a building block of life. Wolf spiders need a drink more than they need a bite to eat. When they find puddles, containers of water, or droplets of water on vegetation, they're going to be happy. If you want fewer spiders, you need to get control of moisture around your home. Address issues that cause standing water, remove containers, and manage your landscaping in a way that promotes moist soil and dry vegetation.
Food — Wolf spiders eat bugs. The more bugs you have around your home, the more wolf spiders you'll have. Reducing moisture can help with reducing bug activity. This makes moisture control an even greater priority. You can also reduce bugs by reducing exterior light at night, properly managing trash receptacles, reducing leaves and other organic debris, and moving woodpiles away from your home.
Harborage — Wolf spiders will hide in many of the places their food will hide. When you remove leaf piles, stacked wood, and unnecessary objects from your yard, you can reduce all pest activity. But it is important to consider one hiding place that wolf spiders have a preference for: ground holes. They use ground holes as retreats. Fill ground holes to make your landscaping less ideal for hunting.

How Wolf Spiders Get Inside Nashville Homes

These spiders move around on the ground and in the vegetation of your landscaping. They'll find their way into your home through low entry points. Some common entry points that wolf spiders exploit are:

  • Cracks in foundations and foundation walls.

  • Broken window panes and window frames damaged by wood-destroying pests.

  • Holes created in sole plates by wood-destroying pests.

  • Gaps in weatherstripping.

  • Damaged or missing door sweeps.

  • Gaps around pipes and other exterior wall penetrations.

  • Gaps under garage doors.

Do a detailed inspection of your exterior and use a caulking gun to fill in holes and seal gaps. Replace protective items that are damaged and install items that are missing. This will go a long way to keeping wolf spiders out of your home.

Why Wolf Spiders Like Your Home

If these spiders find their way into your home, they may find their way back out if your home doesn't provide what they need. Consider the following attractants.

  • Leaky faucets and other plumbing issues can give spiders a drink of water. Repair these issues as quickly as you can. If you want an even greater impact, consider wiping your shower, bath, or bathroom sink down after each use, and use your bathroom fan to remove moisture.

  • A humid basement can create an environment that is suitable for wolf spiders. Install dehumidifiers, ventilation ducts, or fans to reduce humidity and moisture.

  • Insects and invertebrates inside your home are the food sources wolf spiders desire to find. If you have a pest problem, it can be a catalyst for wolf spider troubles. Address pest issues as quickly as you can.

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