Reasons To Avoid The Brown Recluse Spider

The Troubling Facts

Are you finding signs of brown recluse spiders inside your home? Are you noticing tangled webs formed near the floor, in front of dark recesses? Or, have you actually seen a brown recluse spider? This spider is easy to recognize by the dark brown violin shape on its light brown back. If you have seen a brown recluse or signs of one, it is a good idea to have a professional assess your situation. While bites from brown recluse are rare, and it is possible to have them around and never be bitten, we've put together three important reasons to avoid having these spiders in your home.

a spider that has found its way into the walls of a tennessee home

Brown Recluse Venom

We probably don't have to tell you that the brown recluse spider has a venom that can cause a significant bite wound. Granted, bites are usually nothing more than a pimple-like blister on the skin, and do not turn into a slow-to-heal, necrotic wound with blood and pus, but why take the risk when modern pest control methods can keep these spiders from having the run of your home?

Brown Recluse Are Hunters

Hunters? But, aren't these reclusive spiders? Yes. The brown recluse isn't going to hunt you and, if it sees you coming, it is most likely to run away and hide. But, it is important to understand that this is a hunting spider. It doesn't wait in its web all night for prey to come to it. This spider likes to roam around in the dark and search for prey. This roaming can bring it into contact with humans--especially sleeping humans. When this happens, an accidental bite can occur.

Brown Recluse Hide

This propensity to hide in recesses causes the brown recluse to tuck itself into places that bring it into contact with people. It may hide in a pair of shoes. It may crawl into a pile of clothing on the floor. It can even crawl into a bed or a couch. This is the worst attribute of this spider. While a brown recluse doesn't have any interest in biting humans, it will if it is trapped or frightened. For this reason, it is wise to always shake your shoes and clothing out before you wear them, and never crawl into bed without pulling the covers down and making a quick check for brown spiders.

Babies. Lots Of Babies

An adult brown recluse spider can live for two to three years. In that time it will have two to five egg cases. Each of those egg cases can have 20 to 50 spiderlings. That means, in three years, a single female spider can create 40 to 250 baby spiders in your home. That's just one female spider. If you have several females creating egg cases, it won't take long for your brown recluse infestation to get out of control.

Brown Recluse Like Living With Humans

This is a spider that does well in human habitats. If you have brown recluse in your home, don't expect them to move on any time soon. The only way your infestation is going to stop is by having an educated pest control specialist inspect, monitor, and treat for brown recluse in your home.

Quick Tips

If you're not ready to get pest service to deal with your brown recluse problem, please take the following precautions:

  • Always check your bed before getting in.
  • Always shake clothing and shoes before wearing them.
  • Consider wearing gloves if you are searching through a box that has been in storage.
  • Consider doing a detailed inspection of your exterior walls and sealing any crack you find.
  • Avoid allowing any clutter in your home. These spiders hide in clutter.
  • Move all wood piles away from your exterior walls.
  • Put sticky traps in areas of your home that don't get a lot of traffic. This will help you monitor the problem and catch a few spiders.
  • If you use pesticides, always read the instructions carefully. Pesticides can do more harm to you than these spiders.
  • If you see a blister on your skin, have it checked out by a physician immediately.

At All-American, we know how to effectively address brown recluse infestations. If you live in our Tennessee area, let us help you protect your family from accidental bites. While you may be able to live with a brown recluse infestation, it is much better to be spider-free.


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