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Brown recluse spiders are scary, aren't they? We've all heard the horror stories of someone having a round, reddish spider bite for several days, with no idea that underneath the bite a large portion of their body was being eaten away. If you haven't, I highly recommend NOT searching for images on the internet. They will only produce nightmares and an undeserved fear of these spiders. Here are the three things everyone should know about brown recluse spiders.

What's in a name? Do you know what the word recluse means? The dictionary says: A person who lives a solitary life and tends to avoid other people. Does that sound like a stalker or a predator? Truth be told, all spiders are predators. But the brown recluse is a timid creature that prefers to take on prey its own size. You will find this spider in the quiet places of your home.

So, Are brown recluse spiders dangerous? Yes. If you slid into bed next to one, or put on a sweater that was sitting on the floor… In other words, if you bring a brown recluse into contact with your body, it will bite you. If he feels threatened, he will bite. But it's not going to chase you or jump on you.

If you're wondering about that venom in a brown recluse bite, you're right to be worried. It is quite potent. You will not only feel pain, there is a chance you'll get that rotting effect under the skin. Not everyone gets this though, and those who do don't have rotting instantly. It takes time for necrosis to spread and for nerve endings to start to go numb. The bad cases you see on the internet are examples of people who did not have the bite looked at immediately.

How do I protect myself from brown recluse spiders? Always keep in mind that this spider will be in still areas, especially cozy places like a box from your attic. You can also be sure to not bring this spider into contact with your body by shaking out articles of clothing, moist towels and shoes. Before you get into bed, pull the bedding down and take a quick peek. If you're not interested in spending every day of your life checking for brown recluse spiders, contact a pest control company and have them service your home to keep this, and other harmful critters, outside.

Brown recluse are not the things of nightmare. But they are an insect that should be respected for its potent venom. Keep an eye out for these light brown spiders with their "violin" markings on the head and back. If you see them, take more precaution to check for them, and partner with a pest control company to keep your family safe.

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