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How To Get Flies Out Of Your Nashville Home & Keep Them Out

Flies are frustrating pests when you're in your backyard trying to enjoy some food off the grill. They're even more frustrating when they get inside your home. If you're currently having trouble with flies in Nashville finding their way into your home, we have a few insights that can help.

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Step 1: Fly Control

You're probably already doing this one, but it bears mentioning. The first step is to address any flies that are in your home. You can do this with a swatter, a vacuum, some sticky traps—whatever works for you.

Step 2: Interior Breeding

It isn't likely that flies are breeding inside your home because flies breed in gross, smelly things. But, if they are, you need to find the breeding sites and correct the conditions that are allowing flies to develop. Flies breed in rotting organic matter and feces, so you may be able to smell what they're breeding in. If your kids left food in the attic and it started to rot, flies could be breeding on that food. If you have a pet that has left a mess for you to clean up in an out of the way location, this could be the source. If you have an unused sink that has food matter rotting in the drain, the flies could be breeding down there. Most of the time, these breeding sites are obvious. But, flies can be tricky. If you know for sure that flies are breeding in your home, and you can't solve the mystery, a licensed pest service professional can help. Service professionals are educated in the habits and habitats of pest insects and they have lots of experience solving mysterious pest problems.

Step 3: Seal Flies Out

Once you've dealt with interior breeding sites, or had a professional do this for you, the next step is to seal your exterior. Flies get into your Nashville home because they can. While they can certainly fly right through an exterior door when you go in or out, it is possible that they've found another entry point if you're seeing flies all the time.

Here are a few ways they might be getting into your Nashville home.

  • Through a damaged screen.

  • Past a gap in a screen frame, and through an open window.

  • Past damaged weatherstripping on a sliding glass door, and through an open door.

  • Under an exterior door that has a damaged or missing sweep.

  • Past a gap in old or damaged weatherstipping on an exterior door.

  • Through a crack or gap around a foundation window, water main, electrical wire, or PVC wire conduit.

  • Through a wood hole created by a mouse, rat, carpenter ant, or some other wood-damaging organism.


    Step 4: Reduce Flies

If you have a lot of flies around your home, you have a greater chance of flies getting into your home. There are many things that can elevate the fly population around your home. Some are breeding sites. Some are attractants. Some are both.

  • The scent of a dirty trash receptacle can attract flies from a distance. Deodorize exterior trash receptacles on a routine basis.

  • Make sure you bag your trash and store it in receptacles that have covers.

  • Remove trash frequently, so it doesn't stack so high that it is impossible to fully close the cover, and so that trash doesn't sit for a long time and create a smell.

  • If you have a pet, be sure to stay on top of cleaning up waste in the yard.

  • If you feed your pets outside, keep in mind that their food can attract flies. Consider refraining from doing this, or only put food down for a short time during meals.

Step 5: Sanitation

While this is our last step, it is more of the first and last step (and all the steps in between). When you keep things clean inside and outside of your home, you remove the scent that attracts flies, you remove the food flies need for survival, and you get rid of potential breeding sites where fly larvae can develop into adults.

Nashville Pest Control

If you're having trouble with flies in Nashville, reach out to the pest control experts here at All-American Pest Control. Our friendly service team members are highly trained in the most advanced strategies for fly control. We can guide you toward the right solution for your specific needs. We offer treatment options to arrest an indoor infestation, and ongoing Perimeter Plus Pest Control to help reduce insect activity around the exterior of your home. This stops flies and other pests before they find tiny entry points that you don't even know you have.
Every home should have perimeter pest protection. Reach out to the Nashville pest control professionals at All-American Pest Control today and schedule a free home evaluation to learn what options are available, and how routine pest control service visits can make life so much better.


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