Five Simple Tricks To Keep Camel Crickets Out Of Your Nashville Home

Camel crickets go by many names. Some of the names they go by can give some insight into what you can expect from these insects when they get into your home. They're sometimes called spider crickets or sprickets because they have a spider-like appearance. If you see lots of spiders clinging to your basement walls, you might want to look a little closer. They may not be spiders. But, if you decide to look closely at these insects, be aware that they can leap off your wall and scare you half to death. Camel crickets are also called cave crickets because they like to cling to rock walls in damp caves. This is another reason you're likely to find them in your basement or cellar.

We call these creatures camel crickets. This is the most common name. They're called camel crickets because they have a humped back, a little bit like a camel. If you'd prefer to not have creepy spider-like, humpback crickets living in your basement, here are five simple tricks to keep them out.

camel cricket on carpet

1. Reduce Moisture Around Your Home

One of the best ways to reduce camel crickets around your home is to keep your perimeter as dry as possible. These crickets will not want to be in a dry habitat. Here are a few moisture-control tips we recommend:

  • Cleaning out your gutters.

  • Repairing damaged splash blocks and downspouts.

  • Removing unnecessary plants and weeds from your landscaping.

  • Fixing leaky spigots, hoses, or sprinklers.

  • Trimming bushes, shrubs, and plants.

3. Reduce Humidity Inside Your Home

If camel crickets find a way into your home, you can make them regret it. Those crickets won't like a home that has low humidity and no water sources. Here are a few suggestions for making your home less inviting to camel crickets:

  • Install dehumidifiers in damp areas such as your basement, cellar, or boiler room.

  • Use your fan when you take a bath or shower. This will work to vent the moisture out.

  • Address leaky faucets, especially in areas of your home that aren't frequented.

  • Address any plumbing issues.

  • If you have an encapsulated crawl space, consider encapsulation.

4. Remove Clutter

Crickets are attracted to piles and objects both outside and inside your home. On the outside of your home, move wood piles 20 feet from your exterior, rake leaves up, remove sticks, and move objects away from your exterior walls. On the inside, create a space between stacked boxes, store books in plastic totes, and keep things neat. When you keep things neat and dry, camel crickets won't' feel at home.

5. Hire A Professional

One of the easiest ways to get control of camel crickets and keep them from getting into your Nashville home is to contact All-American Pest Control. Our Perimeter Plus Pest Control can give you protection from crickets and over 47 other common Tennessee pests. We use EPA approved products to reduce crickets and the food sources crickets eat.

If you have questions about Perimeter Plus Pest Control, or you'd like to request service, reach out to us. Our friendly service professionals are standing by to help.


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