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April 25, 2019

ant colony in east nashville

When and Why Ants Start Swarming Around East Nashville?

Ants are fascinating creatures. Do you know that ants work quickly to solve complex problems as a group, but one ant, all by itself, is almost incapable of navigating a simple maze puzzle? Ants are wired to work… Read More

April 23, 2019

flea on skin

How to Get Rid of Fleas Around Your Murfreesboro Home and Yard

Fleas are frustrating pests for Murfreesboro homeowners who have pets. But they can also plague homes that don't have any pets at all. Read More

April 19, 2019

all-american pest control hometown hero celebration

Coach Robinson of Watertown, TN is celebrated as All-American’s 2019 Hometown Hero

While a seven-foot termite strapped to the roof of a hearse may seem fearsome, those who have dealt with the dangers of actual termites know that the real threat is much scarier. That’s what the Sentricon®… Read More

April 15, 2019

carpenter ants on wood

Carpenter Ant 101 for Homeowners in Greater Nashville

Here it is, your introductory, college-level, entomological course on carpenter ants. Just kidding. You don't need to take a course in entomology to learn how to protect your Nashville home from the destructive… Read More

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