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Fleas are typically considered a “people with pets” problem here in Hendersonville. It’s true that having pets does up your chances of having to deal with fleas, but Hendersonville homeowners don’t get off scot-free when it comes to these biting parasites. Unfortunately, there are numerous ways to wind up with fleas, even if you don’t have pets. That’s why flea control needs to be part of everyone’s Hendersonville pest control plan. 

What Attracts Fleas To Mammals?

Fleas feed on blood. They’re going to be attracted to any potential host with blood for them to eat, yet you rarely see them on reptiles. This is because, unlike ticks and bed bugs, fleas like to live on their hosts. They’ll build nests and lay eggs and hatch several generations in the fur or feathers of a suitable host. That’s why dogs, cats, and other animals with fur to hide in can wind up with a flea infestation that can be permanent if left untreated.

Humans don’t have fur, so we are harder for fleas to infest. But that doesn’t mean we’re immune to flea bites. Instead of living on us, fleas will live in our furniture or carpeting. Then, they’ll hop on for a quick bite and hop off back to their nests. That means even if you don’t have cats or dogs, fleas will have plenty to eat in a house full of people. 

Fleas Can Be Dangerous

Fleas aren’t just a nuisance that can leave you with nothing more than a few annoying bites. Fleas can be dangerous because they are capable of spreading disease. They are particularly dangerous to pets because they can spread tapeworms and other intestinal parasites to dogs and cats. When these animals lick their fur, they can swallow fleas and the tapeworm eggs they carry. Fleas are also potential vectors for feline leukemia. 

Humans are not immune from the diseases transmitted through flea bites either. While it’s rarer for us to get flea-borne diseases than tick-borne ones, we can still pick up cat scratch fever and typhus from fleas. Fleas were also one of the primary vectors for one of the worst diseases in human history: the plague. Contracting plague is rare nowadays, but it can still happen. So if you see signs of fleas around your property, you need to act right away.

Five Natural Flea Prevention Tips

Flea control doesn’t have to be all that difficult. While it can be tough to get rid of a flea infestation once you have one, there’s plenty you can do to keep these perilous parasites away from your property:

  1. Prevent flea-infested wildlife like rats and raccoons from coming around your property.
  2. Vacuum carpets and upholstery frequently to eliminate any stray fleas.
  3. If you have pets, bathe them and wash their bedding frequently.
  4. Keep grass and shrubs trimmed short to reduce flea hiding spots. 
  5. Use flea-repelling plants like citronella, lavender, and eucalyptus.

Taking these natural measures can help you avoid needing treatments for a flea infestation in the first place. 

How To Keep Fleas Away For Good

If you’re already seeing signs of fleas, there isn’t much you can do on your own. Flea foggers and sprays tend to do nothing more than make fleas move from one location in your house to another. Fortunately, the best Hendersonville pest control company in the business can help you out. Here at All-American Pest Control, we’ve got the tools and techniques to get rid of your entire infestation and make sure it’s gone for good!

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