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Camel crickets on your Brentwood property can be startling to come across due to this pest’s larger size and tendency to jump at people. Learning how to get rid of camel crickets involves finding pest control in Brentwood for infestation elimination and additional prevention advice.

Why Do I Keep Finding Camel Crickets In My House?

If you are constantly finding camel crickets in your house, many factors that attract this pest are likely readily available. Camel crickets love moist, dark areas (this is why they are commonly found in caves and sometimes referred to as cave crickets), so if there is easy access to these places, then you may find that camel crickets keep wandering inside your home.

Other factors that can cause a camel cricket infestation on your Brentwood property include:

  • Moisture issues, such as leaks in basements and bathrooms
  • Dark, cluttered areas that provide prime hiding spots
  • Cracks and gaps in windows, doors, and the foundation that let camel crickets inside
  • Poor ventilation that results in humid areas

You can prevent and deter camel crickets from entering your Brentwood home by reducing access to these factors. Additionally, camel cricket pest control can help determine problem areas that this pest regularly enters.

How Long Do Camel Crickets Live?

Camel crickets have a surprisingly long lifespan, between one to two years. However, this depends on the cricket having shelter and easy access to water; without access to moisture, the camel cricket will likely have a very short lifespan. 

You should note that this longer life expectancy can cause significant problems when an infestation of this pest moves into your home. You may end up battling camel crickets for an extended period. Institute proper prevention tactics and enlist the help of our specialists at All-American Pest Control to remove an active infestation before it is entirely out of control.

Why Do Camel Crickets Jump At You?

One of the first questions that homeowners have when dealing with an infestation of this pest is ‘why do camel crickets jump at you?’ This can be a frightening experience for those who don’t want close interactions with this insect. In general, camel crickets will jump at you as a form of self-defense. If you frighten them or otherwise threaten them, they will leap directly at you in an attempt to scare you to retreat. This pest can jump up to three feet high and at distances of three feet, so if you want to avoid being caught off-guard or scared, you should be investing in camel cricket pest control.

How All-American Pest Control Can Help With Camel Cricket Infestations

If you want to know how to keep camel crickets away from your home for good, you should contact All-American Pest Control at the first sign of a camel cricket infestation on your Brentwood property. Our professionals will provide you with a thorough inspection that determines your camel cricket problem areas before developing a treatment plan customized to your needs. 

So, if you have camel crickets on your Brentwood property, don’t waste time and money with DIY removal methods – reach out to camel cricket pest control provided by All-American pest control for more advice and assistance.

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