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Often, pest problems grow without people realizing it or without knowing just how problematic they can become down the road. Silverfish can seem like relatively harmless invaders to have to deal with, despite how common they are in this part of the country. 

They like the moist climate and the resources found in our homes, but silverfish aren’t harmless invaders. They can lead to property damage and even larger pest concerns. This is why you need silverfish control from All-American Pest Control. 

Learn how we can prevent and quickly address silverfish infestations in Franklin homes

Signs Of Silverfish: How To Identify The Problem

The first thing pest professionals can do to help you identify and address a pest infestation is guide you through how to tell if it’s even silverfish that are causing you grief. Here are some of the things you need to be on the lookout for when determining if you have silverfish in your home:

  • Traits: Silverfish get their name from their metallic-looking shells, which do appear silver. However, silverfish that aren’t fully matured can have different coloration, and some can be a dull gray or tan color.
  • Habitat: Many species of pests are drawn to moist environments, but silverfish particularly like damp spaces. They tend to flock to areas of our homes where water pools or hangs in the air, like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.
  • Eggs: Silverfish eggs look like small kernels that they like to lay in moist areas close to food sources. They can easily hide eggs in cracks or crevices, however, which is why a trained pair of eyes inspecting your property is always wise. 

The friendly experts at All-American Pest Control are here to help you properly identify your pest issue and address it quickly, so contact us today to get started on an inspection of your home. 

Damaging Effects Of Silverfish In Your Home: What You Need To Know

While silverfish don’t harm people or carry diseases, they aren’t just harmless invaders. Silverfish can eat the same sources of food that other pests do, but they are also drawn to household items containing glue, leather, silk, and other fabrics. Since this includes things like furniture, books, curtains, and more, silverfish can damage many items found in most homes. 

This is why you need to partner with local pest control experts for silverfish prevention and fast treatment of the population if they do manage to invade. Deal with silverfish in Franklin the right way by contacting All-American Pest Control. 

Effective Prevention: Tips To Keep Silverfish From Returning

Once the silverfish life cycle gets started, it can be incredibly difficult to stop. This is why early prevention is important and why you should get started on common-sense pest control measures around your home long before an infestation is obvious. 

Here are some silverfish prevention tips you should be taking around your Franklin property: 

  • Moisture control: Since silverfish are drawn to moisture, you need to address areas where it pools or hangs in the air. Proper plumbing, drainage, and ventilation inside your home are crucial, especially in key areas where pest infestations form.
  • Access points: Silverfish are tiny and able to fit into small access points around your home. You should inspect your walls inside and outside for any necessary repairs.
  • Food and fabric storage: Keeping the items silverfish can feed on secure is another key part of reducing your risk of an infestation. Don’t leave food items or household goods lying around where they can be fed on. 

For more prevention tips and to get started on overall pest control that protects your home, turn to All-American Pest Control today. 

Professional Silverfish Extermination: When To Call In The Experts

Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two about silverfish and why it’s important to prevent them from getting inside your home. If silverfish have already invaded, contact us to get silverfish extermination near you in Franklin. Let All-American Pest Control assist you by contacting us or visiting our online resources today. 

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