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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Hendersonville is a fabulous place to live, a charming city in South Carolina with many historical sights and monuments. An aspect of life in Hendersonville that is not as charming is the abundance of pests that invade homes across the city. There are a wide variety of invasive pests that affect houses across Hendersonville, but one of the most frequent of these unwanted guests is silverfish.

What Is This Little Silver Bug? 

Silverfish, believed to have originated around 400 million years ago, are prehistoric and are one of the oldest known insects in the world. These bugs partly get their name due to their shiny silver coloration and the wriggling motion of their movement, which looks similar to a fish. Silverfish are all wingless, with long antennae, and have scales that they will continue to shed throughout their entire life cycles. Silverfish size is typically between half an inch to an inch in length, including their tail, and these pests are mainly active at night. 

How Dangerous Are Silverfish? 

Silverfish are not harmful to humans; they do not bite or sting and are not known to carry or spread disease, although they have the potential to cause allergic reactions. Silverfish are nuisance pests. While they do not pose a direct threat to your safety or health, they can damage or destroy property and belongings. Paper products and fabrics such as silk, cotton, and linen are attractants to silverfish, and they will consume items containing these materials. Items such as books, clothing, furniture, and bedspreads are common belongings that silverfish will damage. 

How To Prevent And Get Rid Of Silverfish 

Because these pests can be so destructive to your property and belongings, it is important to know how to prevent and get rid of them. While the only long-term solution to an infestation of silverfish is a professional pest control service, there are practical ways for homeowners to protect their homes from these pests.  
Practical methods to keep your home free from silverfish include: 

  • Keep food properly covered and stored; in addition to fabrics and paper, silverfish eat starchy foods such as cereal and flour. 
  • Use dehumidifiers to reduce humidity and moisture in affected areas of your home; warm, humid areas attract silverfish. 
  • Use products or substances around your home with fragrances that repel silverfish, such as cinnamon, lavender, and citrus. 
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize all areas of your home; dust and debris will draw silverfish. 

For more information on getting rid of and preventing silverfish from entering your home, feel free to reach out to the silverfish control experts at All-American Pest Control. 

Professional Silverfish Control For Your Home 

While practicing prevention techniques in your home and on your property can reduce the chance of a silverfish infestation, it is still possible for an infestation to occur despite your best efforts. In the unfortunate case that you do find yourself dealing with a silverfish infestation, the only long-term solution to get rid of silverfish and prevent future infestations is through professional pest control services. 
Luckily for homeowners in Hendersonville, All-American Pest Control is here to help those struggling with a silverfish infestation or any other pest control problem. All-American Pest Control, a local Hendersonville pest control specialist, has been keeping homes and businesses across Hendersonville pest free for over sixty years.
Our team of highly trained and certified pest control technicians has experience dealing with silverfish and the variety of other pests that affect homes and businesses in Hendersonville and the surrounding areas. If you are dealing with a silverfish infestation, we will work with you to create a customized pest control plan for your specific situation to get rid of these problematic pests. Call us today to get started. We offer flexible scheduling options and provide transparent pricing on our services. 

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