4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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Kids love ants. They enjoy watching them scurry around and work. And, boy do they think it’s cool when they see one that is carrying a piece of food that is seemingly larger than themselves. Often, they will scoop up an ant just to take a look at it, sometimes resulting in the quick sting from an ant bite. We as parents try to encourage their curiosity, but at the same time we tell them to leave them be and not disturb them because we don’t want our kids to be bitten now, or in the future. Is this the same answer when it comes to ant prevention and control, just leave them be?

No, it’s not. Just because ants seem to be just about everywhere doesn’t mean that we have to accept their overwhelming presence outside or inside. Ants, like many pests, can be prevented and controlled when the correct steps are taken.

Controlling ants outside takes a bit of knowledge about ants. Most ants are just out and about trying to find the three things that they need to survive, food, water and shelter. Whether you are dealing with pavements ants, odorous house ants, fire ants, little black ants, or carpenter ants, they are always in search of easy access to these 3 things. Preventing these small invaders is all but impossible without the help of a professional. You see, the best approach to ant control is a proactive approach. Here at All-American we know that once you have an ant infestation inside or outside it is very difficult to get rid of them all. Which is why we offer affordable, year round, all-inclusive home pest protection programs. These programs will eliminate ants on your property and keep them off with our on-going services. We know how, when and where they will try to ‘move in’, so we stop them in their tracks.

Controlling ants inside begins on the outside. You see our exterior services include a treatment on your foundation to keep them out and we will alert you to any places that need your attention for repair or further measures. You can practice a few things to help make your home less inviting. These things include:

  • Keep your garbage in sealed and locked trash cans and remove it on a regular basis.

  • Clean up crumbs and spills as soon as possible.

  • Keep your food stored in sealed containers.

  • Pick up pet foods between feedings.

  • Install door sweeps on all exterior doors.

  • Repair or replace damaged insect screens.

  • Inspect all potted plants and flowers for ants before bringing them into you house.

  • Put dirty dishes in water in the sink, instead of on the counter.

As you can see, the best and most comprehensive way to keep ants off your property and out of your home is with help from the professionals here at All-American Pest Control. We know that you are busy with your families and lives and that these and other obligations keep pest control low on your priority list, which is exactly why we offer our many different pest control programs for residential and commercial settings. Don’t keep putting off pest control, call All-American today!

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