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Little Black Ants

What are little black ants?

little black ants in franklin tennessee

Little black ants are native to the United States and, like many other ant species, they are social insects that live in large colonies.

As their name suggests, they are very small in size with workers of the colony only measuring about 1.5 mm in length.

They are dark brown to black in color and have a two-segmented waist.

Little black ants are omnivores and will eat just about anything including other insects, sweets, melons, vegetables, plant secretions, and grease.

Little black ants are commonly found foraging for food in long lines along the edges of sidewalks and foundations.

Are little black ants dangerous?

No, they are not considered to be dangerous. Little black ants do have a stinger, but it is too small to have any real effect. They are considered to be a nuisance pest that can invade your home and the food in your kitchen in large numbers.

Why do I have a little black ant problem?

Little black ants generally nest outdoors in areas like rotting logs, lawns, and in the cracks of cement. But often when they are out foraging for food they will enter into homes through small cracks and crevices found in foundations, other exterior walls, and around exterior windows and doors. Once inside they may create new nesting areas and will use your home as a place to easily access food and water.

How do I get rid of little black ants?

At All-American Pest Control, we offer pest control for homes infested with little black ants as well as over 47 different pests. To learn more about our home pest control services, our green pest control solutions, or to find out how we can help you control little black ants in your commercial establishment, please contact us today.


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Can I do it myself?

Little black ants, like other species of ants, are impossible to get rid of from your home unless you successfully eliminate all of the nesting sites. Finding all the nesting sites can be difficult; this is why the fastest and most effective way to eliminate a little black ant infestation is with the help of a professional exterminator serving Nashville and Middle TN. For help with an ant infestation in your home, contact All-American Pest Control today.

Why choose All-American Pest Control?

With over 50 years of experience, we know the time, effort and commitment it takes to solve your little black ant problem. With All-American Pest Control, you’ll receive services, a serious commitment, and thorough treatments from our trained experts.

How can I prevent problems with little black ants in the future?

Preventing little black ants from choosing your property and entering your home is a very difficult task. There are, however, a few things that you can do:

  • Make sure that outdoor trash cans are secured with tight-fitting lids and keep them away from the exterior of your home.

  • Seal any cracks found in your home’s foundation or other exterior walls.

  • Caulk around exterior doors and windows.

  • Don’t keep food out in the open in your kitchen. Instead, place food in sealed containers or in the refrigerator.

The best prevention against little black ants is to contact the professionals at All-American Pest Control at the first sign of a problem with these pests.

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