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4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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So here’s the thing, we don’t like spiders. It goes against our nature to say we love bugs. Our job is to protect homes and families from them. With that said, we do have to acknowledge that house spiders are sort of like the pest control professionals of the insect world. These arachnids feed on insects helping to eliminate the threat. We won’t go so far as to say they are a welcome addition inside homes but we’ll give them their due, for a second anyway. Now back to why we don’t like these eight-legged pests.

When it comes to house spiders the danger level is zero. Yes, they’re creepy looking but they are harmless. Really what makes these pests such a pest is that they build unsightly webs everywhere. Not just in the corners inside or on the windows and eaves outside, they even go so far as to construct their webs on landscaping. Inside or out, they have no regard for other’s property. Rude, we know!

So what should you do to stop spiders from taking over your home and landscaping? We encourage you to focus on prevention. In fact, to help you with this endeavor, you can check out our Top Ten Pest Prevention Tips blog post. What we didn’t spend a lot of time addressing in that post was how to prevent pests from taking over your shrubs, plants and other landscape elements. Let’s do that now.

  • Spiders aren’t the only insects lurking around your landscape. Mosquitoes may seek shelter from the hot midday sun under plant leaves or in bushes. Ants might use landscaping that hugs the exterior as a bridge to the house. Flies, stink bugs, box elder bugs and a whole bunch of other insects are likely to stop by as well. And when they do you can be sure that spiders won’t be too far behind. Those unsightly webs they build are designed to catch their food. Their food being other insects. Which leads us to our first tip- remove potential food sources. We have some insight on how to do that and we’ll get to it in just a bit.

  • If you’ve ever seen an episode of Hoarders you know that pests love a good mess and are often attracted to it. Dried leaves, small branches and other messes around landscaping will draw spiders in. Keep flowerbeds, and areas with plants, shrubs and other elements clean by removing clippings and debris and sweeping away dirt to help deter spiders.

  • Removing spiders webs as you encounter them may help cut down on the spider population but this might seem like a task in futility especially if you don’t evict other bugs.

  • Misting applications; this service mists your landscaping around the perimeter of your home, tree canopies close to the home and underneath decks if applicable to help reduce the number of spiders and other outdoor pests.

As you can see, getting rid of spiders in, on and around landscaping isn’t a simple task. It is likely to take up your time and energy. Whether you’re raising a family, working full-time, travel a lot or all of the above, it’s hard to make time for spider control. We understand you’re busy and that’s where we think we can help!

To effectively get rid of spiders in your landscaping, we recommend our Perimeter Plus home pest control program. This service is like household pest control, spider control, outdoor pest control and mosquito control all wrapped into one. Seriously!

You know how we mentioned that we had some thoughts on how to remove spiders’ food sources earlier? This is what we were alluding to. The Perimeter Plus program is effective at getting rid of spiders in your landscape because one- it includes treatment of those areas and two – it controls other insects (you know, their food source). It is certainly our most comprehensive home pest control program and one that we customize to fit each home. Regularly scheduled visits, interior treatments, exterior treatments for spiders and other outdoor pests, and no annual contracts are just a few of the benefits of this service!

When you partner with All-American Pest Control, you can trust our family owned pest control company to protect your family and property. Don’t take our word for it though; see what our customers have to say!

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