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What To Do About Silverfish In Your Hendersonville Home

Having any kind of bug in your house is a nuisance, but having one as gross-looking as a silverfish can be a particular challenge to your peace of mind. Thankfully, there isn’t a lot of mystery about why and how silverfish in Hendersonville get inside your home, so prevention and treatment can be easy and hassle-free. Here’s what you need to know about silverfish and pest control in Hendersonville.

a silverfish on a book

What Are Silverfish In Hendersonville?

Silverfish are a type of insect with teardrop-shaped bodies. Usually, their color varies from silver to brown, and they have a sheen similar to fish scales. They have six legs, two front antennae, and three “bristletails” on their rear end. Though they have no wings, they move so quickly they appear to be swimming like fish.

Sometimes, identifying a silverish can be difficult because there are several other bugs that look like silverfish. A firebrat is another kind of bristletail insect. Its body is more uniformly oval-shaped, and they tend to be darker in color. The jumping bristletail is another bug similar to silverfish and belonging to the same order of insects. It looks very much like a silverfish but is darker in color and jumps when frightened instead of running.

Each of these bugs that look like silverfish and silverfish themselves are primarily outdoor insects that come indoors by accident or if conditions are just right. Once you know why they come inside, it becomes pretty easy to keep them out.

Are Silverfish In Hendersonville Dangerous?

If you see one of these pre-historic-looking insects, you may be wondering, “Are silverfish harmful?” The short answer is no. The long answer is it depends on how long they stay indoors. What makes a silverfish harmful is not health concerns as they don’t bite or spread disease. However, if left alone with your linen or books, silverfish damage can accumulate over time, leaving beloved clothing or documents ruined. It might take quite a few of them over a long period of time, but especially if left unchecked in basements, silverfish can thrive while living off of your things.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Silverfish In Hendersonville

To know how to keep silverfish out, you should know the essential components of a silverfish diet. While they can survive for weeks without food or water, they are also cannibalistic and will eat injured or dead of their own kind. If they make it indoors, this may make it more difficult to deter them even if you get rid of everything else that attracts them. Other than each other, the silverfish diet also consists of plant matter. When living indoors, this is primarily found in clothing, fabric, and paper. Silverfish thrive in humidity and will also eat flour or sugar if it’s left unprotected.

To prevent accidentally making a hospitable environment for these guys and protect your things from silverfish damage, try these tips:

  • Dehumidify areas of your home with more moisture, such as the laundry room, basement, bathroom, kitchen.

  • Repair leaking pipes and any water-damaged wood.

  • Store books, magazines, and documents in sealed plastic containers, or put them in dry, secure areas where silverfish aren’t likely to be found.

  • Store flour and sugar in glass containers.

  • If you have a shake roof, clean and maintain it well.

  • Seal entry points around the home, especially around the foundation, using a silicone-based caulk.

  • Don’t leave yard decorations or old wood against the house.

  • Trim your yard often, and keep bushes and potted plants away from windows.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Hendersonville Homes

Prevention can go a long way, but the absolute best way to get rid of silverfish is with All-American Pest Control. With treatment options that cover your yard and your home, our service professionals can provide year-round all-around protection that will keep you from seeing another silverfish (or another nuisance pest) for the foreseeable future. With All-American Pest Control, if you do happen to see an intruder between treatments, we’ll make another visit free of charge.

If you’re worried about using harsh chemicals in your home to get rid of a few bugs, you also have the option of using our green choice program, which uses eco-friendly, plant-based products to keep your home pest-free. Call All-American Pest Control today to discuss our residential and commercial pest control treatment options in Hendersonville, and to get rid of pests like silverfish for good.


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