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Effective termite control that won't
compromise your family's health or the environment

The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System makes termites see red without compromising your family, your home or the environment. The Sentricon® System protects structures from subterranean termites without odor, drilling or disruption. It’s the ultimate environmentally-friendly and non-chemical way to banish these destructive pests from your yard, your home and your life!

Requiring only a few grams of bait (the size of a sugar packet), the Sentricon® System is so effective that it has been recognized as a Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award winner for environmental responsibility!

The Sentricon® System works! That’s why it protects many national and historic sites including the White House,  and the Statue of Liberty.  Here in Tennessee, many notable places including The Hermitage and Tennessee State University use the Sentricon® System to protect against these wood destroying pests.

How does it work?

All-American’s Sentricon® System uses Recruit™ bait to control termites. The bait contains an ingredient that stops the molting process so the termites can’t grow. As termites feed on the bait, the ingredient spreads throughout the colony and the whole colony dies. 

Watch this video to learn more about the termite baiting system

If you're looking for an eco-friendly termite control solution in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, contact All-American Pest Control. As Authorized Operators of the Sentricon System, we are ready to evict termites and make sure they don't come back!

Termite Damage Repair Warranty

With the Sentricon System installed, any home that is damaged by an active termite infestation is covered by a $1,000,000 termite damage repair warranty. 

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