4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

4.9 Star Rating All-American Pest Control Reviews 1042 Reviews

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We’ve been getting a lot of phone calls lately with homeowners concerned about their termite services. It seems like our customers want to know how often we are checking their Sentricon® stations. Don’t worry, we are on top of it! We now check your green termite stations two times a year. Why only twice? Because with our new and improved Sentricon® stations with Always Active Technology, visiting more than twice a year is unnecessary!


At All-American, we have really dedicated ourselves to our termite control services by investing over $200,000 to upgrade every one of our current customers to the Sentricon® system that includes the Always Active Technology. Before 2012, our green stations were filled with wood which would attract any termites that were present. If we found termites feeding on the wood in the stations, we would feed the termites with Recruit IV termite bait. The termites would then feed on the termite bait and take it back to eliminate the entire colony. With our new system, every single Sentricon® station is already filled with Recruit HD bait, killing termites all day and all night and keeping your home protected from termites.


When we visit your home, our first visit is to open each green station around your home for inspection. If a station cannot be located, we will add another station to replace the lost or hidden station. When we open a station, we check to see if there are termites present, eating the Recruit HD termite bait, or if it is obvious that these pests have already eaten on that station. If necessary, we add more Recruit HD termite bait to stations that are running low.


Our second visit to check your Sentricon stations is to provide a Home Evaluation. This inspection consists of a thorough examination of your home and your property for visible signs of termites, termite damage, moisture, leaks and we check on the overall condition of your home. By regularly keeping track of your home and the condition it is in, it becomes apparent over time if there is termite damage occurring.


At All-American, we will typically perform our Sentricon® station checks without setting up an appointment; this works for most of our clients that feel it unnecessary to be notified that their termite services are scheduled. Some clients would like to be told when services are scheduled, which is why about 10% of our clients are on our “Call Ahead” list. Folks on this list like to be present for Sentricon® inspections, which is fine by us! Just let us know your preference and if you’d like, you can be added to our “Call Ahead” list too!


Our Sentricon® system is designed to intercept termites and eliminate colonies. If you are finding signs of termites or if we detect that they are feeding on your termite stations, you can be confident that this system is working for you, eliminating colonies that are present and preventing future damage to your home. For more information on our Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System and for questions regarding our services, contact the Nashville pest control pros at All-American Pest Control today!


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